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I understand many civilization who choose Zoey 101 simply as much as ns do. If you space a true pan you probley know about the cast, characters,and simply the whole whole show. Well, if you know that much you will probley it is in interereasted to view which personality your most like. How can you perform that? by taking this personallity quiz!

So which character room you? girlfriend don"t understand yet do you? friend can discover out though. Carry out you know the answer? however thanks to this really an excellent awesome quiz you will find out in simply a couple of minutes! therefore what are you waiting for? check it out!

Created by: Emily

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What is your age? Under 18 years Old 18 come 24 year Old 25 come 30 year Old 31 come 40 year Old 41 to 50 years Old 51 to 60 years Old end 60 years OldWhat is your gender? masculine FemaleWhat is your room like? Cool and Stylin! Neat and also Normal all of my experiments are in mine room A picture of Orlando Bloom A total mess! A snapshot of myself duh!What to be you in the college play? The Main duty Zorka The lead Guy function the warm life gaurd ns was born to act just look at how hot I am! The Holla Girl duty I wasn"t in the play because I didn"t walk to PCA yet,I wish i was! What play? The WriterWhat would you carry out if you experienced someone being bullied? stand up for lock Glad that it wasn"t you yet stand up because that them was standing there kick his butt! Use among my experiements to blow him increase LaughWhat would certainly you put in the time capsual because that a college project? A DVD talking about PCA and also my friends mine cute clothes! usage my acting skills to obtain out of act the project My self duh! i don"t know however I gained to find out around what Zoey said about me Something!What"s your greatest pet peve? not spendig time v friends and family not meeting cute males Not getting a function in a beat Not always having patato chips when one of my experiements fails When some jerk just pranked me or win me at basketball!What"s your favorite sport? Basketball Baseball Football swimming Tennis and also Soccer walk Shopping count together a sport?What"s your best quality? being Friendly being Loyal and Trustworthy Beind hard Being super Cute simply one top quality that"s difficult I have actually like 9,000,000 impressive qualities! gift Super Funny!Who is her favorite girl personality in Zoey 101? Zoey Nicole Lola Dana Quinn This is a Zoey 101 Quiz?Who would you take with you to the school dance? Someone who is nice A an extremely cute guy! Someone simply as warm as ns am I"m not going i don"t care! i don"t yet I want to go through Zoey I have actually a significant crush top top her!Would you choose to walk to PCA? correctly No Mabey What"s PCA?

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