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1 - A few good tips

2 - learn your cards well

3 - discover the opponents deck and strategy

4 - Walkthrough

5 - Legal

6 - Credits


1 - A few good tips...

Getting good cards:

In Forbidden Memories, over there is an incorporated pattern review of the way you play.

For instance, if girlfriend play mainly on attack, you will certainly get solid attack cards... If friend play greatly on defence, you will certainly get strong defence cards, so on for this reason forth.

It"s allways good to have a well balanced deck, therefore play the same opponent in numerous different ways.

Here"s the best part... When you undestand the means the video game works, and the means the AI evaluates the way you play, climate you"ll understand how to get good cards.

When ns realised this, I got close to 100 Meteor black color Dragons the end of the short meadow mage, practically one appropriate after the other.

Plus a many more good cards, like the ultimate Moth, gate Guardian, etc...

Follow the procedures to acquire very good cards, many of the time.


Allways try to success the duel as easily as possible, the game has a concealed timer which will evaluate just how long it takes girlfriend to success the duel.


Allways offer the final blow with a map that has the same amount of assault as the number of points the opponent has left.

So if the opponent has 1600 LP left, assault with a monster that has 1600 atk.

What i did is have monsters that would certainly follow an attack pattern to ensure ns allways finished v the same amount the attack.

My cards were... 3 Red Eyes black color Dragons, and a lot of fusions come make twin Headed Thunder Dragon.

That means I allways had the adecuate card to provide the final blow come the ideal amount the HP.


I preserved those cards in my deck untill the an extremely last moment, as soon as I acumulated a lot of great cards, and exchanged then.

There to be no point in placing the really strong cards in mine deck at that point, together I didn"t need them, and didn"t find necessary.


Use as little cards together possible.

The much less cards friend use, the more your last score for that Duel, and therefore a much better chance to get an excellent cards.

2 - find out your cards well:

If friend think having the can be fried Dragon is the only way to win... Climate you room wrong!

There room pretty powerfull cards in FM that may escape your attention at very first glance, or the you otherwize ignored.

Those are recognized as Magic Cards.

Magic and also Trap cards can be pretty powerfull against the can be fried Dragon, and even carry you victory.

Offcourse a Magic map alone isn"t walking to carry out it, yet as a combination will make her deck a pressure to be reconed with.

Good examples of Powerfull Magic Cards:

Widespread Ruin



Swords the Revealing Light

3 - discover the enemies deck and Strategy:

Many short level players will just play cards at random, i m sorry is the likes the Simon, and the villagers.

However the greater the player level the best their technique, so find out it well.

One the the most powerfull duelists is Bakura, no only because he has actually the a lot of high Defence cards, but additionally because the plays a the majority of Magic cards.

You will uncover that if friend lose versus Bakura, it"s due to the fact that he dram a lot of Trap and also Magic cards.

Cards choose the Swords the Revealing Light, and wide spread Ruin.

It would be a great idea because that you to begin collecting Magic and Trap cards at this point, since the game only gets harder native this suggest forward.

4 - Walkthrough:

After the intro movie, girlfriend will find your-self talking to Simon Muran.

I"m not sure if over there is any "Actions have actually consequences", therefore just select "Run Away" when prompt to execute so.

Go inspect your deck if girlfriend wish and save the game, if you room satisfied v the deck.

If not, just leave everything and start again.

Do Not work out for less than a Raigeki, and a monster through atleast 1400 Atk or Def.

Once you"ve excellent that, go to the Duel Grounds and Teana will talk to you.

At this point, Duel every solitary Duelist over there is to Duel, untill you talk to Teana again.

She will ask girlfriend if friend are prepared now, and also exit in ~ this point.

You will certainly go straight to the Plaza, whereby a festival is taking place.

Next friend will view Jono who is losing the Duel against Seto.

After a many Talk, and Jono trying to justify his lack of Skills... Seto will an obstacle you come a Duel, Again "Actions have actually consequences"... I click Yes, however it"s approximately you... Yet is soon referred to as by his runts, and also postpone the Duel.

Go come the Shop, construct your Deck, and also save the game.

At this allude you deserve to now Duel in cost-free Duel if you wish, come get better cards for her deck.

Do no go come the Duel Grounds simply yet.

First walk to the Pharao"s Palace, and Simon will appear.

However this time he will Not send you in... Rather he will an obstacle you come a Duel.

So Duel Simon now to unlock the on totally free Duel.

You can gain the Meteor black color Dragon the end of Simon, with a tiny presistance and patience.

Save the video game again, and also go the Duel Grounds.

You must have built a good Deck through now, therefore Seto shouldn"t it is in too lot trouble.

Duel Jono first.

Jono likewise gives an excellent Cards, favor the Red-Eyes black color Dragon and also the Meteor black color Dragon.

After friend Win, go back to the shop and also save the game.

If girlfriend played totally free Duel sufficient times, friend should have actually atleast one REBD, and one MBD, add to a couple of more quite decend Cards.

Go to the Palace, and also Simon will certainly send friend in.

Watch the long Movie sequence, and also now girlfriend will confront Heishin.

Seto will discover you and demand you give him the Millenium Puzzle.

Again, I"m not certain if there is any type of "Actions have actually consequences", therefore just select what friend wish.

I personally select NO.

NOTE: that also if you have a stronger Deck than Heishin at this point, and keep wining... You still need to lose this specific Duel to continue in the game.

This is the only Duel you need to lose, wether you prefer it or not.

Once you have actually been defeated, You get given the choice to hand over the Millenium Puzzle.

Again, I"m not sure if there is any kind of "Actions have consequences", so just choose what you wish.

I personally select NO.

After this, you will be sent out somewhere mysterious... And you will find your-self within Yugi"s mind.

You will certainly wake up to Jono talking to you with his sarcastic humor.

You will now need to participate in the tournament that Seto is holding.

There isn"t much to say around the tournament, other than for: just keep wining.

Half method through the tournament, Shadi will certainly appear and will assist you take it a journey into Yugi"s mind.

There you will talk come Yugi-Your-self, and explain that you need to gather every the items come unlock the door come the past.

After you win the totality tournament, you will have actually gathered all the item Cards, and something strange will certainly happen, which will release girlfriend from Yugi"s mental and earlier to the past.

You will awake earlier in the previous in an exit shrine.

There is naught here, so simply move on, and also go examine the town.

Check the Duel Grounds first... Jono will certainly appear and also take you come the hidden place.

Save, and Duel Jono and Teana to unlock them.

Next go to the Palace, and also a safety will show up and difficulty you.

Duel the guard, and also after you win, search the ar to uncover a map.

Exit the town and go come the various other side that the mountain, whereby you will uncover a covert shrine.

Talk come Shadi, and also show that the map.

He will certainly take you come the hidden Temple.

Check out both carvings on the wall, and also Seto will certainly appear and tallk come you in a strange way.

Get out of there and also head earlier into town.

On the way, you will notice that more Shrines have actually now been unlocked.

Go save the game and also build her Deck.

Now Duel the mages in the following order... Native the easiest to the hardest.





Meadow (Low meadow Mage Only)

Once you have actually done this, you must play free Duel a the majority of times, adhering to the techniques mentioned over this walkthrough, and also get great cards native the short Meadow Mage.

After the go come the Duel Grounds again, and also Jono will state that Teana is in trouble.

Go rescue her through Jono.

Duel the Maze Guardian and also Seto 2.

Watch the movie where seto will certainly talk come you, and an ext suspiciously than ever before trying to convence he"s do the efforts to help you, but it"s obvious he has actually a personal agenda.

After you beat both, return and save.

Now go and also finish off the Mages.

You will have to confront the low Meadow Mage again, but he need to be no trouble now... And then loss the High Mage.

Watch the end for this one, he has pretty good cards, and will it is in a challenge.

Once you have beat all mages, Seto will appear and tell friend to walk to the High Shrine, and also here is whereby you will confront the last streak that Duelists.

So prepare your-self for the critical marathon.

Now would certainly be a an excellent idea come Duel on totally free Duel as much as important to gain all the great cards possible.

Once you"re ready, head up to the High Shrine and Seto will appear again telling you to walk ahead v the door.

You will an initial face the 2 Heishin Guardians.

These males aren"t too tough to beat, however don"t under-estimate them.

Next you will face Heishin.

Heishin"s Deck hasn"t transformed much from last time, so he shouldn"t it is in too tough to defeat.

Heishin is also very predictable in what cards and method he uses.

So No suprises there.

After that, in the Movie, Seto will reveal his true agenda and also the plot he was playing... And also was utilizing everyone, consisting of Heishing because that the function of unlocking the hidden power within the tombs.

You need to now confront Seto one last time, and he"s stronger than ever.

After you defeat Seto, one more movie will certainly play where Heishin will grab Seto and threathen to hurt him, and you are offered another selection in wether to break the items or not.

Here the "Actions have actually consequences" comes right into play again, and also I think if you pick to break the items, the critical boss will certainly be easier.

But that"s because that you to uncover out.

Finally friend will acquire to Duel the critical Boss, and this one has actually two stages.

The Dark Nite and also Nitemare.

This guy has actually all the best cards in the video game as you have the right to imagine, and it will need all your skills to to win him.

...and that"s it, when you beat Nitemare, the last movie will certainly play, adhered to by the credits.

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Enjoy the breather!

5 - legal ©

Do no copy any of the material found in this walkthrough.You may print this walkthrough, as long as it"s for personal use only.Do NOT use this walkthrough in her website. Yet it is agree to connect it come this original document.