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All cheats for this video game by platform: playstations 2

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SAVEGAME FOR united state VERSIONSep. 04, 200955KB

Card passwords
To enter a password for a card, press atthe "Build Deck" screen, and enter one eight characterpassword.CardPasswordAncient Tree that EnlightenmentEKJHQ109Aqua DragonJXCB6FU7Barrel DragonGTJXSBJ7Beast King that The SwampQXNTQPAXBirdfaceN54T4TY5Black HoleUMJ10MQBBlast SphereCZN5GD2XChange that HeartSBYDQM8BCrush CardSRA7L5YRDragonseeker81EZCH8BEarthshakerY34PN1SVElf"s LightE5G3NRADExodia"s Head37689434Fairy King TrusdaleYF07QVEZFairy"s GiftNVE7A3EZGoblin Fan92886423Gravity Bind0HNFG9WXGreenkappaYBJMCD6ZHarpy"s Feather Sweep8HJHQPNPHorn the The UnicornS14FGKQ1Left eight Of ExodiaA5CF6HSHMagician that FaithGME1S3UMMeteor Dragon86985631Mimicat69YDQM85Mirror Wall53297534Mystical record ChainsN1NDJMQ3Robotic KnightS5S7NKNHRoyal Decree8TETQHE1Seiyaryu2H4D85J7Serpentine Princess UMQ3WZUZSlate Warrior73153736Swordsman from A foreign LandCZ81UVGRSwordstalkerAH0PSHEBTactical warrior054TC727

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Starter decks
Depending on the name offered at the begin of the game,you will obtain a different type of starter deck. Shot names suchas "Konami", "Rod", or "Puzzle".Enter the surname "Kaiba" or "Scale" and also choose the monsterwith greatest number (on the left) to obtain a Kaiser Dragon (2300/2000).Look ~ above the ago of PlayStation2 video game cases. Look closely tofind sponsor names. Use those names together your name to obtain differentcards. No all names will work. Also, usage the surname of consolessuch as "Nintendo". Leave the end the numbers.When starting the game, enter "Katsuya" together a name and chooseFairy King Truesdale as your deck leader. Her deck will be packedwith insect and also plant monsters such as two Hercules Beetles, aKwagar Hercules, a Needle Worm, and a great Mammoth that Goldfine.Side v the Lancastrians (Red Rose) and also duel Weevil in ~ Chester.There is a great chance that you will win.Enter "Flame" as a name. This should present one that the starterdecks through the deck leader Robotic Knight. Pick this deck. Thisdecks is an effective because it is full of machines, includes Wasteland(powers increase all equipments and permits them to move two spaces), andthe equipments will never have actually an strike lower 보다 1500.Enter "Coke" as a name. You will certainly now have the following.Deck 1: Serpentine Princess; Deck 2: Luminous Soldier; and also Deck3: Thunder Nyan Nyan.The following is a perform of decks the are accessible when a specificname is used.NameDeck 1Deck 2Deck 3AceFairy King TrusedalePatrician the DarknessTwin top BehemothAlienFairy King TrusedaleKryuelTwin top BehemothArronSerpentine PrincessBird FaceKing Tiger WanghuLeifMaiden that The AquaThe Illusionary GentlemanWolf AxweilderCreatonMaiden of The AquaAirknight ParshathWolf AxweilderDeadmanSerpentine PrincessBird FaceKing Tiger WanghuPuzzleLuminus SoldierThunder Nyan NyanSerpentine PrincessSetoMaiden the The AquaBird FaceWolf AxweilderDuneLuminus SoldierPatrician the DarknessTactical WarriorJalenSerpentine PrincessPatrician that DarknessKing Tiger WanghuDraculaMaiden the The AquaAirknight ParshathWolf AxweilderSauranThunder Nyan NyanSerpentine PrincessLuminus SoldierSarumanFairy King TrusedaleThunder Nyan NyanTactical WarriorDataSerpentine PrincessAirknight ParshathKing Tiger WanghuRexMaiden of The AquaBird FaceWolf AxweilderSimonSerpentine PrincessAirknight ParshathKing Tiger WanghuAeonFairy King TrusedaleThunder Nyan NyanTactical WarriorTeaSerpentine PrincessBird FaceKing Tiger WanghuZone ManSerpentine PrincessBird FaceKing Tiger WanghuCloudMaiden the The AquaBird FaceWolf AxweilderSeipherLuminus SoldierPatrician of DarknessTactical WarriorClintSerpentine PrincessPatrician of DarknessKing Tiger WanghuWraithLuminus SoldierKryuelTactical WarriorLurkerFairy King TrusedaleKryuelTwin top BehemothPepsiFairy King TrusedalePatrician that DarknessTwin top BehemothIndianaMaiden of The AquaThe Illusionary GentlemanWolf AxweilderJonesFairy King TrusedaleThunder Nyan NyanTactical WarriorDarth VaderThunder Nyan NyanSerpentine PrincessLuminus SoldierEddySerpentine PrincessBird FaceKing Tiger WanghuNosferatuMaiden of The AquaBird FaceWolf AxweilderDemonLuminus SoldierKryuelTactical WarriorLokiLuminus SoldierBird FaceTactical WarriorMadcatThunder Nyan NyanSerpentine PrincessLuminus SoldierThorFairy King TrusedaleKryuelTwin headed BehemothPostalMaiden the The AquaBird FaceWolf AxweilderMeSerpentine PrincessAirknight ParshathKing Tiger WanghuHankThunder Nyan NyanSerpentine PrincessLuminus SoldierBoomhowerSerpentine PrincessBird FaceKing Tiger WanghuPicardMaiden of The AquaBird FaceWolf AxweilderKaneLuminus SoldierBird FaceTactical WarriorCainMaiden that The AquaBird FaceWolf AxweilderChavoFairy King TrusedalePatrician that DarknessTwin top BehemothRosenkreuzMaiden the The AquaThe Illusionary GentlemanWolf AxweilderSonyRobotic KnightFairy King TruesdaleThe Illusionary GentlemanNeroKyruelInjection Fairy LilyTwin top BehemothKonamiLuminus SoldierKryuelTactical WarriorQuestSerpentine PrincessBird FaceKing Tiger WanghuYeomanAirknight ParshathMaiden the The AquaMolten BehemothBeowolfSerpentine PrincessAirknight ParshathKing Tiger WanghuDexxaSerpentine PrincessPatrician that DarknessKing Tiger WanghuHenrySerpentine PrincessAirknight ParshathKing Tiger WanghuJediLuminus SoldierPatrician of DarknessTactical WarriorYorkFairy King TrusedalePatrician that DarknessTwin top BehemothZeroMaiden of The AquaThe Illusionary GentlemanWolf AxweilderYagerLuminus SoldierPatrician that DarknessTactical WarriorA E AKyruelInjection Fairy LilyTwin headed BehemothEthanKyruelInjection Fairy LilyTwin headed BehemothTyrantSerpentine PrincessAirknight ParshathKing Tiger WanghuTexanKyruelInjection Fairy LilyTwin top BehemothWeslyMaiden the The AquaAirknight ParshathWolf AxweilderFeonaFairy King TrusedaleKryuelTwin headed BehemothOlympusFairy King TrusedalePatrician that DarknessTwin headed BehemothUthgarFairy King TrusedaleThunder Nyan NyanTactical WarriorRathLuminus SoldierBird FaceTactical WarriorVestThunder Nyan NyanSerpentine PrincessLuminus SoldierXanderSerpentine PrincessAirknight ParshathKing Tiger WanghuAeiouyKyruelInjection Fairy LilyTwin top BehemothDuelistSerpentine PrincessBird FaceKing Tiger WanghuMap edit modeSuccessfully finish both the White rose story andRed increased story come unlock map modify mode in custom battle.Duel Deck grasp IInsert a playstation One memory card with a saved gamefrom Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories to duel Deck grasp I,whose deck is full of Immortal monsters that are solid in thecrush field. The Deck Leader is moisture Creature.Duel Deck grasp TSuccessfully complete both the Red Rose and White Rosecampaigns and also have a playstations One storage card v Yu-Gi-Oh!Forbidden storage saved video game data in slot 2. Walk to "CustomDuel", and also instead that dueling Deck master K, you will duelDeck understand T. Deck grasp T"s leader is Exodia The ForbiddenOne, and also his deck only is composed of magic/trap cards and also the otherfour piece of Exodia.Duel master SCopy the saved game from Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memoriesover come a PlayStation2 storage card. Insert the in slot 2. Whenyou room in tradition Duel mode, the will show Duel understand S through aGoddess of Whim Deck leader.Fusions7 colored Fish = Fairy + FishAqua Dragon = Kairyu-Shin + AquaBean Soldier = Warrior + PlantBlack Dragon jungle King = Dragon + GrassBlack Meteor Dragon (3500/3000) = Red Eyes black color Dragon + MeteorDragonBlack Skull Dragon = Red Eyes black color Dragon + Summoned SkullBlackland Fire Dragon = Dragon + SpellcasterBracchio-Raidus = MegaZowler + BehegonCeltic Guardian = Fairy + WarriorClown Zombie = Crass Clown + ZombieCrimson Sunbird = Warrior + Winged Beast + PyroCyber Saurus = Dinosaur + MetalCyber Soldier = Warrior + MachineCyber Soldier = Jinzo #7 + Invader of The ThroneDark Elf = Gemini Elf + Dark Spellcaster (Dice Armadillo = any type of Beast (Dragon Zombie = Dragon + ZombieFlame Swordsman = any type of Pyro + WarriorFlower wolf = any kind of Beast + PlantHarpie"s pets Dragon = any type of Dragon + Harpie LadyKoumori Dragon = Dragon + FiendMagical Ghost = Spellcaster + ZombieMetal Dragon = Dragon + MachineMetal Fish = Misairuzame + MachineMetalZoa = Zoa + MetalmorphMeteor black color Dragon (3500/3000) = Red-Eyes black color Dragon + MeteorDragonMinomushi Warrior = absent + WarriorMisairuzame = device + FishMystical Elf = Fairy + FairyNekogal #2 = Beast + FemalePumpking = Zombie + PlantPumpking = Zombine (ATK 1100 - 2000) + PlantPunished Eagle = Warrior + Winged BeastQueen Of autumn Leaves = plant + PlantRed eyes B. Dragon = Tyhone #2 + Koumori DragonRed eye B. Metal Dragon = Red eyes B. Dragon + MetalmorphRose Specter the Dunn = bean Soldier + PlantRose Specter that Dunn = tree + FiendS. Dragon = Dragon + RockSpirit of the publications = Harpie Lady + Boo KooSummoned Skull = King of Yamimakai + Fiend (Sword arm Of Dragon = Warrior + DinosaurTatsunootoshigo = Beast + FishThousand Dragon = Time sorcerer’s + any type of Dragon (Thunder Dragon = Dragon (Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon (2800/2100) = Thunder Dragon + ThunderDragonTwin-Headed Thunder Dragon = Dragon + (Grass, Thunder, Rock, Zombie,or Machine) + Thunder DragonTwin-Headed Thunder Dragon = Kaiser Dragon + Thunder DragonWood remains = Zombie (Wow Warrior = Aqua + WarriorSlot raresWhen making use of the Graveyard Slot an equipment after friend wina duel, get three cards in a line and also get a slot rare. For example,get 3 Pumpkings to acquire a Toon Summoned Skull. Note: Gettingthree that the same cards in the slots does not always guaranteethe exact same outcome. Because that example, 3 rude Kaisers may result in anAnti-Magic Fragrance, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Gorgon"s Eye, etc.CardSlot resultRequirementAnti-Magic Fragrance3 SwordstalkerDefeat Kaiba and also his SwordstalkerAnti-Magic Fragrance3 TyphoneDefeat MaiBarrel Dragon3 wait EatersBarrel Dragon3 Cosmos Queen PrayersDestroy map Guardian"s Cosmos PrayerBarrel Dragon3 Dark ElvesBarrel Dragon3 Kunai through ChainDefeat among Joey"s monster equipped through Kunai through ChainBarrel Dragon3 lord Of The LampBarrel Dragon3 OoguchiDefeat Mako Barrel Dragon3 Pendulum MachinesBarrel Dragon3 2 Mouth DracularDefeat TristanBlack Luster3 Curse the Dragon Blue eyes White Dragon3 KuwagataDefeat Weevil"s KuwagataBlue eye White Dragon3 mr Of The LampBlue eye White Dragon3 maker KingsDefeat Deck master KBlue eyes White Dragon3 Meteor DragonBlue eye White Dragon3 two Mouth DracularDefeat TristanBlue-Eyes White Dragon3 Anti-RagekiBlue-Eyes White Dragon3 Dark Fire DragonsDefeat mai ValentineBlue-Eyes White Dragon3 Dark FlowersDefeat BakuraBlue-Eyes White Dragon3 giant FleaDefeat Weevil"s giant FleaBlue-Eyes White Dragon3 soil Attacker BugrothBlue-Eyes White Dragon3 limitless DismissalDefeat Deck grasp TBlue-Eyes White Dragon3 Kabanola WarriorDefeat TristanBlue-Eyes White Dragon3 Koumori DragonBlue-Eyes White Dragon3 Moist CreaturesDefeat Duel grasp IBlue-Eyes White Dragon3 Monster EggDefeat TristanBlue-Eyes White Dragon3 Red eye Blue-Eyes White Dragon3 Robotic KnightsBlue-Eyes White Dragon3 crude KaiserJoin Kiba"s side and kill Tristan"s crude oil KaiserBlue-Eyes White Dragon3 SuijinDestroy Suijin after the Labyrinth ruler summons itBlue-Eyes White Dragon3 Tenderness defeat TeaBlue-Eyes White Dragon3 Witches ApprenticePlay Jasper Dice TudorBlue-Eyes White Dragon (ATK 1750)3 Lion MonsterDefeat Tristan and also kill his Lion MonsterBrain control 3 Illusionist Faceless Mage loss PegasusDark Magician3 door Guardian RitualHave Labyrinth ruler summon the routine to the field (does not need to be activated).Dark Magician3 GokiboreDark Magician3 Gust FanWait until Mai supplies the Gust fan power-up and also defeat herDark Magician3 Labyrinth WallsMake Labyrinth ruler use itDark Magician3 Slot MachinesFight Bandit KeithDark Magician Girl3 Dark MagicianBattle Yugi and kill his Dark MagicianDissolverock3 an equipment King enchanted Javelin3 ForestDefeat WeevilEnchanted Javelin3 Koumori DragonEnchanted Javelin3 Larvae MothFire Reaper3 Vile GermDefeat BakuraFire Reaper3 White HoleDefeat Jasper Dice TudorFlame Ghost3 Monster EggsFlame Ghost3 Mystical ElfDefeat Yugi and destroy his Mystical Elf flame Swordsman3 KattarpillerHave Labyrinth leader summon itFlame Swordsman3 legendary SwordFlame Swordsman3 Madjinn Gunn loss TristanFlame Swordsman3 Tears the The MermaidLand on or move near a Tears the The Mermaid catch cardGira Gumo3 Larvae MothGorgon"s Eye3 SuijinGorgon"s Eye 3 The Ordek loss TristanHarpies Pet3 Harpie LadyHave roof summon Dragon Harpie Lady and also the DragonJarai Gumo3 Fiend"s HandsLabyrinth Tank3 Kairyu-ShinLabyrinth Tank (2400/2400) 3 Blackland Fire Dragon loss YugiLord that D.3 can be fried Dragon routine Raigeki3 Thunder Nyan NyansIf you perform not gain this map for a deck leader, wait till Shadi puts that on the field and also destroy itRed-Eyes black color Dragon3 CursebreakersRed-Eyes black Dragon3 dancing ElfDefeat TeaRed-Eyes black color Dragon3 King the Yamimakai defeat Darkness RulerRed-Eyes black Dragon3 KuribohRed-Eyes black color Dragon3 Larvae MothRed-Eyes black Dragon3 sword Of Dark DestructionRed-Eyes black Dragon3 Versago The DestroyerDefeat TristanRight leg Of Exodia3 BerfometDefeat Shadi and also destroy his BerfometRight foot Of Exodia3 Gaia The Fierce Knight right Leg the Exodia3 Insect CannonDefeat WeevilRight foot Of Exodia3 InvigorationsSkull Knight3 Celtic Guardian Skull items 3 Dragon TreasureSkull Knight3 Feral ImpDefeat YugiSkull Knight3 huge Turtle who Feeds ~ above FlamesSkull Knight3 PragticalDefeat Rex RaptorSkull Knight3 spirit Of The HarpDefeat Tea Summoned Skull3 Curse that The DragonsDefeat Yugi and also destroy his Curse of The DragonSummoned Skull3 Dark PrisonerDefeat TristanSummoned Skull 3 Fairy Meteor CrushDefeat TristanSummoned Skull3 giant Soldier of StoneSummoned Skull3 High tide GyojinDefeat MakoSummoned Skull3 Larva MothDefeat WeevilSummoned Skull3 Slot MachinesDefeat Bandit Keith and destroy a Slot MachineSummoned Skull3 TogexDefeat Tristan and his TogexSword of dragons Soul3 Red-Eyes black color DragonSword of dragons Soul3 Two-Mouth DarkrulerDefeat TristanSwords that Revealing Light3 Dark Piercing LightWait till Fab 1985 summons Dark Piercing irradiate on the field and either ruin it or wait until he supplies the magic cardTemple of Skulls3 to dance FairyDefeat TeaTemple that Skulls3 Koumori Dragons holy place Of Skulls3 Larvae MothToon Summoned Skull3 bright CastleToon Summoned Skull3 Fiend HandDefeat TristanToon Summoned Skull3 Larvae MothToon Summoned Skull 3 Manga Ryu RanDefeat PegasusToon Summoned Skull3 Pumpking The King that GhostDefeat NecromancerToon Summoned Skull3 Red-Eyes black color DragonToon Summoned Skull3 Slot MachineKill Keith"s Slot MachineToon Summoned Skull3 TendernessDefeat TeaTwo headed King Rex3 two Headed King RexDestroy Rex Raptor"s two Headed King Rex and also defeat himImproved odds in Graveyard SlotsCopy Cat, Mimicat, and also Monster Reborn allow you tomanipulate the content of her opponent"s Graveyard and help narrowdown it under for the Graveyard slots (revived cards walk to thereviver"s Graveyard when destroyed). Paralyzing potion is anothereffective way to obtain monsters out of the way without sending themto the Graveyard, thus improving her odds in the Graveyard Slots.This trick deserve to only be supplied when there is only one monster inthe Graveyard possible of getting, as once you usage the "EditMap" trick. Once using the slot machine, you can see thearrows on the side. Together you can see, they space usually blinking.When lock disappear, the card is ~ above the other side that the slot.You deserve to use this to your advantage.Place the essential card in her deck and destroy that in a custombattle (for example, Komori Dragon because that the Blue-Eyes White Dragonor Dark Magician for the Dark Magician Girl). It may be helpfulto place much more than one map in the deck for greater chances ofgetting the wanted card.Note: This trick requires a monster with the Hidden discover ability.This will certainly only job-related with magic cards. It is recommended you trythis after ~ you have completed both sides. First, obtain a monster(such together Pumpking) ranked high sufficient to wherein it gains the HiddenFind ability. Then, play versus Shadi and move her deck leaderto the exact center square. A display will appear, stating what have discovered the hidden treasure, Souleater. Complete the duel,or if you space in a hurry, surrender. Go to "Custom Duel".Next, put Souleater in your deck, and three of any kind of magic card(such together Silver Bow and Arrow, Beast Fangs, etc.). Begin a custombattle, and go v the deck till you come throughout Souleater.Place it in face-up defense. This will certainly activate its unique skill.Next, play any type of high level monster ~ above the field and also have it attackyour opponent"s defense place monsters. Wipe them turn off the field.Make sure you carry out not attack any kind of offensive monster or the deckleader till the enemy has play the 3 magic cards fromhis deck and also gotten them into his graveyard. As soon as the 3 magiccards are in his graveyard, pursue the deck leader and wipeout that LP to win the duel. As soon as you now get in the GraveyardSlots, there will just be the three magic cards in it. This isalso useful in getting more immortal monsters and also possibly evensome unique rares.Build a deck with rare cards that perform not appear in slots suchas Exodia pieces, Barrel Dragons, etc. Also, some magic and trapcards execute not appear in the slots. Next, put in as plenty of of thecard the you want to shot to get three in a heat in the deck, suchas Swordstalker, Piercing Light, Red Eyes black Dragon, etc. Then,go to tradition duel and also duel yourself. All that should be in theslots are the 3 non-rare cards. Try using Swordstalker asthe leader, Brigidier, due to the fact that he has actually three chances and have threeof the in the slots. You will get about four to 5 trap cardsand 4 Swordstalkers in the slots.Get Souleater. Massive combo cards till you draw it, then use itsability come rid the graveyard of all but the card you want in theslots. Be certain to placed three that the magic map in her deck. Bepatient v it, however in the lengthy run, the is fine worth the time.New map pictureAny time the you get a card with lining increase threeof a sort in the Graveyard Slots, girlfriend will gain a brand-new picture forthat map in her chest. Some examples include: Blue eyes WhiteDragon, Red Eyes black Dragon, Summoned Skull, Gemini Elf, andFlame Swordsman.Ritual monstersWhen utilizing the Graveyard Slot machine after battle,get 3 cards the are required to obtain a ritual monster. Ifyou do, girlfriend will acquire that ritual monster as well as the threecards. Because that example, win versus Bones at Exeter and also in the GraveyardSlots, get any Insect, Machine, and Zombie monster. Note: Thecards only appear in the slots if lock are provided in battle; duelagainst enemies that have ritual cards.Baby Dragon: ReincarnationIf friend Reincarnate infant Dragon, you can acquire Exodiapieces. This might require a few attempts.Barrel Dragon: ReincarnationIf friend reincarnate Barrel Dragon, you will obtain threetough creatures or pretty magics (for example, Sagna of Thunder,Kazejin, Suijin, KaiserDragon, Harpies pet Dragon, Skull Knight,Ryu-Ran, Coldwave, Solomans Lawbook, and also Tremendous Fire).Black Luster RitualYou can achieve the black Luster routine via the graveyardslots and also not have to line up three Curse that Dragons. Wait untilYugi summons the ritual to the field, damage it, and also obtain itin the slots.Blue eye or a Dark Magician GirlYou should either have actually a Dark Magician or a Red Eyesas a leader and have perfect both the Red and White increased chaptersto unlock the modify map for the custom duel. If you what a MagicianGirl, your leader must be the Dark Magician; Red Eyes for BlueEyes. Then go to the "Edit Map" alternative at the customduel selection. Then, develop the following terrain, whereby "N"indicates normal and also "L" indicates labyrinth. N N together N together N N N N l L l N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N NBattle at the terrain. When you begin, press . Whenit is your opponent"s turn, he will certainly surrender. Once you get tothe Graveyard Slot part, obtain three Dark Magicians or three RedEyes to gain the Magician Girl or the Blue Eyes. Girlfriend can additionally usethis terrain to obtain your deck leader a promotion.Change the Heart: ReincarnationIf girlfriend reincarnate change Of love you can get ThreeSuijins. This may require a few attempts.Curse of DragonIf you perform not have Zombie Warrrior, fuse Monster Eggwith Fiend"s Hand. Then, fuse Zombie Warrior through Meteor Dragonto gain Curse that Dragon.Cyber Commander: ReincarnationTo acquire Exodia"s Left Leg, reincarnate Cyber Commander.This might require a couple of turns.Dark Magician: hidden abilityIf you can raise the Dark Magician ranking to Major(star v the stripe), you will be able to perform the very same extraslot shot just as the Robot Knight.Dark Magician: ReincarnationIf you reincarnate Dark Magician, girlfriend can gain goodcards such as Kasier Dragon, Toon Summoned Skull, Solomons" Lawbook,and others.Exodia: SummoningTo pull off an immediate victory v Exodia, you musthave Exodia The Forbidden One together your deck leader. Any type of deck leaderstatus will do. Throughout your turns, girlfriend must ar the 4 piecesof Exodia in the correct spaces (Left Leg, right Leg, Left Arm,Head, and Right Arm). The deck leader deserve to be inserted in betweenthe eight or legs. All 4 pieces should be confront up. Once all thishas to be accomplished, the video game will offer your enemy one lastchance to prevent you. Top top your next turn, the summon will engage.To obtain all of the pieces, you have to use passwords, reincarnations,and heat up slot rares. To gain the Head and Left Arm, usage thepasswords. To gain the Left and also Right Legs, reincarnate. The bestcards come reincarnate are those about a deck cost of 20. To getthe last piece, the appropriate Arm, you should line up three cards inthe slots. The best cards to heat up are Cocoons the Evolution,which show up when friend duel Weevil.Fake Trap: ReincarnationReincarnate a Fake catch to obtain Exodia Pieces.Flame Swordsman: ReincarnationReincarnate a flame Swordsman to acquire a Labyrinth Wall.You can additionally get a Skull Knight.Magic Drain: ReincarnationIf friend reincarnate Magic drainpipe (DC: 60) you have the right to getgood cards together as:Sanga that The Thunder (common)Suijin (very common)Kazejin (common)Dust TornadoSkull Knight! (rare)Graverobber! (very rare)Fissure (sucks)Dragon capture JarWinspread RuinStainstormEternal DroughtDian Keto the Cure understand (extremely rare)Warrior EliminationRoaring s SnakeManga-Ryu Ran: ReincarnationIf friend reincarnate Pegasus"s Manga-Ryu Ran, you willget some sort of ritual stop card (useful for protecting against the UltimateDragon Ritual), incredible Fire, and also the rare card Skull Knight.MillenniumTo summon Millennium, you have to have Curse the TheMillennium Shield and also two cards through 2100 DEF.Millennium Shield: solid attackYou first need to have the Curse that the MillenniumRitual and three monsters over 2000 DEF. Once you summon the MillenniumShield, make sure you have a Shield and Sword Magic card so thatyou have the right to switch the end the shield"s defense come its attack, givingit a 4000 ATK.Mirror WallMirror wall (DC: 80) is a powerful card. Usage it againsta Blue Eyes. If any type of card (in this situation Blue Eyes) strikes anyof her cards, its attack is cut in half, do a Blue eye ATK1500. If the card attacks again, it will be halved again, (BlueEyes ATK 750). Blue Eyes can now be killed by the weakest monstersin the game.Mystical Elf: hidden abilityPromote Mystical Elf to RADM, and all 3 lines willbe easily accessible in the Graveyard Slots. This is really useful whentrying to gain those tricky rares.Paralyzing Potion: ReincarnationReincarnate Paralyzing medicine to gain Mesmeric Controland Metalmorph.Perfectly Ultimate an excellent Moth: ObtainquicklyAfter summoning an perfectly Ultimate good Moth cardusing Cocoon that Evolution and baby insect cards, usage a MonsterReborn or Mimicat map to resurrect Pupa that Moth to the field.Pupa the Moth climate transforms into another Perfectly ultimate GreatMoth. You can resurrect Pupa of Moth indigenous the graveyard again.Pumpking: impact on all your monstersThis trick will certainly work really well if you have a deck thatis great in Wasteland, and if you have Pumpking or a fusion forPumpking, contact Of The Haunted, or Blue-Eyed silver- Zombie. First,get Pumpking ~ above the field and also flip it confront up on defense positionto activate that is nature affect. Then, summon three much more monsterson the field. Wait until you have speak to Of The Haunted or Blue-EyedSilver Zombie. Once you have actually the card, use it. Blue-eyed SilverZombie/Call of The Haunted"s result turns all of your monstersinto zombies. Shot this cheat on Rex Raptor. Note: before you dothis, it can be valuable to power-up the monsters the you wantto turn right into zombies.Red-Eyes black color DragonTo gain the Red-Eyes black Dragon, have actually Joey summonit. Defeat the Red-Eyes black color Dragon and also get that in the GraveyardSlots.Red-Eyes Black metal DragonHave Joey summon that by combining his Metalmorph andhis Red-Eyes black color Dragon. Loss it, however you need to acquire theRed-Eyes black Dragon and the Metalmorph in the slots.Robotic Knight: Extra Graveyard slotchanceRobotic Knight has a hidden capability that lets you havean extra shoot at equivalent three cards in Graveyard Slots. The letsyou now shot to enhance three cards on the top row. You acquire thisafter girlfriend raise her rank to the first star v the yellow stripe.Royal Decree: ReincarnationIf you reincarnate a royal Decree, the will offer youthree Suijins.Steel Scorpion: ReincarnationReincarnate a stole Scorpion to acquire a ideal Arm Ofthe Forbidden One (Exodia piece). This may require number of attemptsbecause the the frequency the Fake catch appears.Steel Scorpion: Deck leaderLevel up a stole Scorpion to 2nd Lieutenant andput it together your deck leader. Then, level it increase to significant and youwill have actually two ability (increased movement/same form friendliesand open opponent"s cards in summoning range) and also the extratop slot ability.Swordstalker: more powerful attackAn easy way to offer Swordstalker a strength of 3800power attack points or much more is to sacrifice every the monsters inyour deck. Due to Swordstalker"s distinct effect, it will certainly becomestronger 보다 those the the CPU.If you have mainly a monster deck with 3 Swordstalkers, thistrick will be really useful. Begin by repetitively trying to combineall of your monsters other than for your Swordstalkers. Then, tryto send the end your Swordstalkers. The will have a power of a 6300/5900or more. Try making multiple fusions v one card and also destroythe card. For example, Zombie + Warrior = Skull knight + Hardarmor = Armored Zombie. You will have four cards gone insteadof three. Carry out not forget to destroy your last card v your ownleader.Try to obtain a card referred to as Darkness Falls. That is a magic card thatlets you flip all cards face down. Next, walk to custom battle andmake her CPU adversary play that or use it. Obtain it lot of timesin the map slots, then acquire a Swordstalker (or 2 or three) inyour deck. Put the Swordstalker ~ above the field and also discard every ofyour monster cards (not Swordstalker) and magic/trap cards (notDarkness Falls). Flip her Swordstalker to do its strike become6,000. Usage Darkness falls to upper and lower reversal it confront down climate flip that upagain so that its assault is currently at 10,000. Flip it over againface down with Darkness Falls and also flip it face up to do it havean outstanding attack power the 14,000, i m sorry is sufficient to killthree Blue eyes Ultimate Dragons with each other (13,500) Finally, useyour last Darkness falls to flip it under again. Flip it increase tomake the monster have actually 18,000 assault points. Also, use Copycatand The Magician Of belief to increase it even much more by recoveringmore Darkness falls to make the ultimate monster. In the finish ofall the restore of cards and also power increases, Swordstalker willhave a complete of 36,000 ATK and also 32,000 DEF.Note: note a monster cannot exceed an assault or Defense valueabove 9999.Swordstalker: Extra Graveyard SlotChanceJust choose the Dark Magician and Slot device monstercards, Swordstalker have the right to learn the Hidden ability to match up threecards on the height row as well as the middle row when it reachesthe location of significant (one star with one yellow line). However, unlikethe Dark Magician and also Slot Machine, Swordstalker gains the abilityto enhance up 3 cards in the bottom row too when that reachesthe rank of Brigadier (one star with three yellow lines).Suijin: ReincarnationIf girlfriend reincarnate Suijin, you will naturally get goodcards. However, the actual payoff is the you can obtain Sanga andKazejin. Friend can obtain them both at the same time.Zoa and MetalzoaFace J. Shadi in a match and also destroy his Zoa card.Do not usage Monster Reborn on Zoa. Just get Zoa in the GraveyardSlots then challenge Joey. Loss him and also make sure you damage a Metalmorph.Win Metalmorph in the slots and also combine it with Zoa to gain Metalzoa(3000/2400).You can also get Zoa and also Metalzoa native Bandit Keith, yet it mayrequire a couple of attempts together he does not play it frequently.Hidden cardIn many maps, there is a concealed card what on themap. In stimulate to obtain these cards you must relocate your Deck Leaderover a particular location on the map. Girlfriend may need to completethe game as both sides for these cards come appear. For example,in every the war at stone Henge, relocate your Deck Leader come thecenter of the map, in between all the labyrinth terrain. Thereshould it is in a various card there versus each opponent.To have the ability to find and get the covert cards ~ above the ar duringa duel, your deck leader need to be ranked together a major (one star andone yellow line) or better. You must likewise have a deck price thatis lower than 1000.Hidden map locationsTo find the cards, your deck leader needs to have theability to discover cards (Hidden Ability) and you require to have completedboth sides of the story.The field layout is as follows:ABCDEFG*1 2 3 4 5 6 7The adhering to are the locations and also cards acquired:Mai-E7: Dust TornadoYugi-D1: Carat IdolBakura-A7: form SnatchJoey-E7: Rigras LeeverMako-E6: Time EaterTea-E5: maid of CatabolismGrandpa-C4: Dharma CannonNecromancer-A1: Eternal RestWeevil-D7: Eradicating AerosolRex Raptor-A7: Cold WavePanik (Darkness Ruler)-B6: -Exile that the WickedIsthar-D4: Jowls that DemiseTristan-D5: Novox PrayerPegasus-A4: Electromagnetic BagwormBandit Keith-C4: stress, overload StormShadi-D4: SouleaterLabyrinth Ruler-A7: Catapult TurtleKing-B4: Warrior EliminationFinal Bosses-D4: ???Kaiba-D4: humidity CreatureMany of the monsters space Immortal type (strong in to like territory)and very powerful in regards to their impacts (Souleater is great).Most that the magic cards are those that ruin all monster ofa specific type (usually the kind primarily offered by the opponentyou get the card against, for example, Cold Wave, acquired againstRex Raptor, kills all dinosaur kind monsters).Gain doubles of her cardsThis cheat requires only one memory map in the memorycard slot. Enter the practice duel and collection your deck up so thatyour ideal cards room in there. Both you and also the CPU"s decks willhave the same cards in them. Once you win, the slot device willbe there and also you can gain your best cards repeatedly. This is veryuseful with Red Eyes, Blue Eyes and also other cards the your haveonly one copy of.Use the adhering to trick to duplicate cards and promote weak monsters.A 2nd memory is no required. Walk to vs. Duel and also Duel MasterK. Do the card you desire to duplicate her leader, pat the DuelMaster in the default crush field. Note: Make sure you have actually somemonsters under 1500 ATK. Carry out not use any field cards. Instead,Duel master K will at the many send out one or 2 monsters. Destroythese and defeat the in battle. Since he has the exact samedeck as you, he will have the very same deck leader. In the slots,the deck leader will certainly be there. Get the monster you want in theslots. The fight is easy. The longer the fight the better, asthis helps promote weak monsters.Get any cardThis trick needs two memory cards and two controllers.Start a document on the first memory map then save as shortly as possible.Then, ~ above the second memory card, begin a file and save. Next,go earlier to the first memory card and also choose "Trade"with both memory cards inserted. You can now profession the weakestcards in your deck because that the the strongest in the various other deck. Afterthis, you have the right to do that again by beginning a new record or battling duelistson the second memory card.Getting great or rarely cardsUse the adhering to trick to multiply your an excellent cards,get rarely cards, and practice the Graveyards Slots. After clearingthe game, the "Edit" option appears in a custom duel.You can modify the terrain to make every one of the summoning spaces aroundyour enemy labyrinth. Once the duel starts, pass her turnand your enemy will be required to forfeit. You will certainly then beable to play the slots with just your deck leader (against DeckMaster K) in v nine Fake Traps.Promote cardsUse the adhering to trick to promote cards under 1,500attack. As soon as you have completed the White Rose and also Red increased sides,save the game and go to "Custom Duel" at the main menu.Only have one memory map in use. Produce a B or C deck. Have actually alot of solid cards in her deck over 1,500 except the card youwant promoted. Have actually three of the card in your deck. Go to mapedit mode and also create a map as complies with (C= Crush, together = Labyrinth,N = Normal). Together L together L l L together L l C C together L N together L C together L l N together L N N together L N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N NOnce you attract the map you want, relocate it in prior of your opponent"sdeck leader and also attack till you win. Save repeating and also you willeventually gain it promoted. Also, relocate other cards about on thefield confront up (not in crush) and also you might get them advocated aswell. Each time they gain promoted, it will certainly take much longer to raisetheir rank.Getting magic or catch cardsGo to the practice duel and also assemble any kind of desired deckwith just contain magic or catch cards. Walk to map modify mode andcreate a map as complies with (N = Normal, together = Labyrinth) N l N N N l N N l N N N together N N N l N l N N N N l N l N N N N l N l N N N N N N N N NWhen girlfriend play, your enemy will not move (as that is making use of thesame cards). He will collection out magic and also will not usage or move them.You deserve to take him the end whenever wanted by neighboring him.Easy custom duelUse the adhering to in custom duel (N = Normal, l = Labyrinth). Keep in mind you will certainly not be able to move her Deck Leader. N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N together L l N N N N l N l N N N l N together L NYour enemy will not be able to assault your Life points directly,unless you both have Shadow Ghoul. You will still be able to summonmonsters to the field. If you have actually a card the you can not affordto lose, preferably mirror Force, or a card that you want, putit to the right of the ar for safety.Move two squares in ~ a timeWhen a monster it s okay a Terrain field boost, flip itface up and also it is enabled to relocate two squares at a time.Unlimited upper and lower reversal effectsPlay a Magician Of belief or Mask of Darkness in theface under position, but do not move it or adjust its position.Then, use the magic card Darkness Approaches. This will certainly flip allyour cards face down. Now, upper and lower reversal the Mask that Darkness or MagicianOf confidence card up and also revive Darkness Approaches. On her nextturn, you can use the again to rotate the Mask the Darkness or MagicianOf Faith challenge down. Flip the Magician Of confidence or Mask OfDarknesscard up again and revive Darkness Approaches, i m sorry you can useon your following turn. Then, include a Mystical Elf right into the equation;Mystical Elf, Darkness Approaches, Mask of Darkness or MagicianOf Faith, in the order. The Mystical Elf"s flip result is an800 point power bonus come all your light monsters, and also if girlfriend useher before Darkness Approaches, you deserve to flip her again on yournext turn. With 3 Mystical Elfs, your light monsters gain2400 attack and also defense every round. Note: it is encourage thatyou usage the Magician Of faith card, together it will get the powerbonus the the Mask that Darkness will certainly not.Lower opponent"s monsters attackquicklyMove Mirror wall either come the much bottom left squareor much bottom appropriate square. Placed your leader next to it. Startsecuring your leader and Mirror wall surface with monsters. Start advancingweak trap or magic cards (for example, Fake Trap, Forest). MirrorWall will certainly activate and your opponent"s monsters will be too weakto battle. You will certainly still gain the monsters in the Graveyard, sinceyour opponent strikes all facedown cards.Get a Mirror wall surface and placed it somewhere. Then, put a magic cardthat you do not require somewhere near it so the it will attack.Once that tries come attack, Mirror wall surface will activate, cut its Attackin half, and just move on the magic card. Friend can likewise use a weakmonster in defense mode.Raise her monster"s location easilyDepending on which monster friend have, you should goagainst details opponents. If the monster you desire to advanced inrank has an strike power that 2000 come 2500, play versus Tristan.If that is reduced then that, then play against Tea. If the is higher,go versus Joey. First, have actually as many of the monster in your deck,then kill every monster with that card. Do not add power-ups orattack the opponent"s LP with magic cards. You can then have moretime killing the other monsters. Remember to kill the opponent"sdeck leader personally through the card you desire to raise in rank.This will certainly usually give you a large boost for increasing your rank.To obtain a very an effective monster you need to have actually a map withToon terrain (preferably nearby to your summoning area) and a terrainthat favors your monsters (such as hill if you have actually the Birdfacedeck). You likewise need a very strong monster, several power-up cards,and a Greenkappa. Summon her Greenkappa and also move the onto theToon terrain. Then, summon a very powerful monster on its terrain(for example, Meteor B. Dragon ~ above Mountain), and also equip your equipcards to your strong monster. After ~ that, flip up your Greenkappaon the Toon terrain. Due to the fact that of the effect, it will copy the attackof the the strongest monster ~ above the field (which have to be her monster).Greenkappa will copy the attack on the Toon terrain, i beg your pardon shouldbe around 4500. Then, relocate your Greenkappa off the Toon terrainand his assault will increase by 500, making it about 5000. Ifyou now relocate your Greenkappa ~ above Grassland, his attack will increaseby an additional 500 points, making the 5500. Girlfriend can proceed to strengthenit through power ups such together Konai through Chain, however only equip cardsafter you have capped your other monster"s attack. Currently you havean unstoppable monster.Level up your deck leadersNote: This trick calls for the Map edit option and acontroller with a auto-fire or sluggish feature. First, build Labyrintharound her opponent, other than for one space. Put the monsters thatyou want to level up on the field. Make sure you usage Ookazi orTremendous Fire, etc. Collection the controller ~ above auto-fire or slowfor . When the battle is over, friend will have moreDeck Leaders.First, get a monster together your deck leader. Complete both sidesof the game and have a PlayStation storage card through Yu-Gi-Oh!Forbidden storage data in slot two and also a PlayStation2 memorycard v Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of Roses data in slot one.You should be going again Exodia. Get three that the very same monsteras her deck leader come the field. Attack all cards v the selectedmonster the you want to level up. Attack the opponent"s deckleader after every cards ~ above the other side space in the graveyard.To aid you against Exodia, placed in hefty Storm, Dark Hole, WhiteHole, imperial Decree, and also lots of Graverobbers, Monster Reborns,and Mimicats.Get the Fairy King Truesdale Deck. Then, put in the password for FairyKing Truesdale ("YF07QVEZ"). Put the Fairy King Truesdalecard in her deck. It should immediately have a rank of SecondLt.Change deck sortHold