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With Valentine’s job just roughly the edge (and due to the fact that Italian is, after all, among the most romantic language in the civilization according come this list and also this list there is no better time to discover the vocabulary and phrases you’ll require to efficiently navigate a romantic candlelit dinner through your lover.

Grab your chocolate and roses, and get ready to storage Valentine’s job (La Festa degli innamorati) Italian style!

(P.S. If you’re looking for less romance and also just want to know how to talk around what friend love come do, this is the article for you.)

First points first, you’re walking to need some pet names (nomignoli) v which you have the right to affectionately beckon your lover as soon as he or she pertains to pick you up for your date.

You have the right to try:

– Tesoro mio – mine treasure – Cuore mio – My heart – Amore mio – my love – Caro/cara – Dear

However, follow to this website, these pet name “sono ‘out.’” friend can click on that link if you’re searching for something an ext original to call your sweetheart, like, perhaps, pulcino/a (little chick), biscottino (little biscuit).

So, you obtain into the Fiat v your biscottino and you on your means to a fancy restaurant. But what did he or she bring you?

Perhaps one of the following:

– Un mazzolino di fiori – A bouquet of flower – Un mazzolino di rose – A ostrich of roses > Or even much more specifically, una dozzina di rose rosse – A dozen that red roses – Un pensierino – A small gift (literally a small thought) – Una scatola di cioccolatini – A crate of chocolates – ns gioielli – jewel > Una collana – A necklace >Un anello – A ring > Un bracciale – A bracelet

You have the right to thank that or she by saying…

– Grazie tesoro mio, la collana è bellissima! Sei così premuroso/a. – Thank you mine treasure, the necklace is beautiful! You’re for this reason thoughtful.

You could additionally add…

– La guarderò ogni giorno, pensando a te. – I will certainly stare at it every day and think of you.

Once you’re sitting at the restaurant, gazing into each other’s eyes end heaping key of spaghetti alla carbonara, you’ll need something to say.

Here’s a perform of 25 yes, really romantic unit volume you can use come melt your lover’s heart.

– not like that attratto/a da te. – ns attracted come you. – Ti amo. – ns love you (romantically). > friend can include tanto or molto to the finish of the phrase to to express a most love. – Sei la mia anima gemella. – You space my soul mate. > You more than likely shouldn’t usage this one on the an initial date. – Voglio passare il resto della mia vita con te. – I desire to spend the remainder of mine life v you. > This one either. – Mi vuoi sposare? – will you marry me? > Or the more informal, Sposami! – Mi not like that infatuato/a di te. – i’m infatuated through you. – Mi hai cambiato la vita. – You readjusted my life. – Sei bellissimo/a. – You are beautiful. – Ho un debole every te. – ns weak for you. – Sei l’unico/a every me. – you’re the only one because that me. – no posso vivere senza di te. — i can’t live there is no you. – Sei tutto every me. – You’re every little thing to me. – not like that pazzo/a di te. – i’m crazy about you. – Sei l’uomo/la donna dei miei sogni. – she the man/woman of my dreams. – Sei il grande amore della mia vita. – You are the love of mine life. – Voglio invecchiare con te. – I desire to thrive old v you. – Nei tuoi occhi c’è il cielo. – heaven is in her eyes. – Da quanto ti conosco la mia vita è un paradiso. – since I met you mine life is a paradise. – Dammi un bacio. – provide me a kiss. – Ti voglio sempre al mio fianco. – I desire you always by my side. – sono innamorato/a di te. – i’m in love with you. – Potrei guardarti tutto il giorno. – I can look in ~ you all day. – Ti penso ogni giorno. – ns think around you every day.


Want to download this card? Click here for the printable PDF version.

Sei il single della mia vita. – You are the sun in mine life.

Want to download this card? Click here for the printable PDF version.

Il mio cuore batte solo every te. – My heart beats just for you.

Want to download this card? Click right here for the printable PDF version.

Click below to download all of the printable cards, consisting of these styles below.


Want come share her Italian day story with The Iceberg task or have some romantic unit volume of your very own to contribute? Comment below!

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John Mitchell says

October 27, 2016 at 1:56 am

I’m yes, really trying to melt my lovers heart, we been with each other for 6yrs and this past year has been tuff. And also it’s my fault. Confusion, dishonesty, not able to express myself, and just no being there for her!!! I understand that now, and she has actually a love for the Italian language and im gonna shot to melt she heart and also learn the language myself. It’s a shame the it took us to be apart to realize the she’s every little thing I ever before wanted in a woman. She look melts me, I get lost because that words and also dizzy. I want to provide her every one of me and more. Our love was an extremely passionate and also I target to uncover that again and also never look back! I want to see that look at on her confront again after ns lay one ~ above her, a watch of wow this man simply did this come me and also ooooo exactly how I love this gorgeous man! I want her to feel that again for me. So v the aid of the iceberg project, “I aim to PLEASE”. Say thanks to you so an extremely much for providing me this opportunity to get the love of my life earlier into mine life!!!

Guadalupe says

November 20, 2016 at 4:28 pm

hi. Im date this beautiful girl from italy and today is her birthday so i thought mmm what can i do to make her at least a little bit happy and then i realized oh wow i deserve to be cheesy, for the very first time in my life, and also say stuff to her in italian. I mean,,,,,,,,, she made funny of mine pronunciation but i tho love her to the moon and back. I have actually never been so in love through anyone else in my totality life and i yes, really think she is The One for me. So, i simply wanted come say say thanks to you for putting this out there due to the fact that its yes, really cute and also it helped me and my gf to have actually a nice time because that a couple of minutes. Give thanks to you thank you give thanks to you. I cant wait to marry her. Grazie

Peg says

June 2, 2017 in ~ 11:08 pm

Here is another… E più ti penso e più mi manchi – the much more I think the you, the an ext I miss you.(Awwww) for the females who are in in between loves, walk to youtube, (IL VOLO “Più ti penso”
Pescara HD ) Ignazio, Piero and also Gianluca will melt her heart if girlfriend have any type of pulse at all! (Hearing them in human brings girlfriend to one more dimension. Conference them even more. They room the sweet guys! They room still on their European tour if you are in Italy now. For the guys, you can “borrow” various other lines from the song. The Italian as well as the English translation are readily accessible online.

Candy says

September 7, 2017 at 10:45 am

I am in search of “The providing Plate” city in Italian because that a too ~ Italian friend yet can’t find it. Might you probably send it come me? my deepest appreciation!