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... Very first of all... There is no method to unlock the rock... Unless you go to WWE Shop within the game... And buy it fo $0.99... Second of all... Those fake websites donnot work... And those non-english speak idiots who room on youtube should be bound up and put in the basement... And their parents need to receive funding punishment for providing birth come such spin-offs of life...!!! it is coming from an immigrant from russia... Who speaks english... The appropriate way... Other than that... Have actually a nice day...!!!

U need to buy the video game with a sticker on that that has the rocks confront on the sticker climate the absent is in the game!

He dosent just pop in the video game magicly.Your going to need to buy him just the smart human being know that thr ones that don"t need to be noobs.I"m just saying girlfriend can"t get the rock in outsider storyline.Come top top where space the smart people?I"m only 10 and I"m phone call the people noobs who don"t know it however the people who recognize that you have to buy the they are not noobs they space smart.I unlocked everyone and everything even the rock!don"t do this so difficult to be!

Buy the game open the box the backside of the video game manual book type the very first cheat code in the video game go to choices unlockables cheat codes and also write that code

Ok so you gotta walk to gamestop if friend don"t already have the rock and also ask the assosciate there ns don"t have the rock climate he will certainly say thats due to the fact that you gotta earn it so girlfriend hav come suq his D bitchez

On the wii version I believe you have actually to finish the roadway to Wrestlemania, yet for every other console you have to buy him.

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