If you struggle with order – you’re not alone. One of the factors why English order is so challenging is since of exactly how inconsistent the is. This week we’re looking in ~ the long /e/ sound and the seven different ways of spelling it.

Just the letter e In some cases, the lengthy /e/ sound is assignment with just the letter e. This is commonly the situation in words that are more than one rate long, but exceptions encompass some very common words prefer ‘me’, ‘be’, ‘we’, ‘he’, and also ‘she’.This assignment of the lengthy /e/ sound is provided for prefixes ‘re-‘, ‘be-‘, and also ‘de-‘.Here are some examples of lengthy /e/ words spelled with just the letter e:evening emergency become between decide delightrecess EE wordsMany indigenous spell the long /e/ sound v the letters ee. In this words, the long /e/ sound usually appears in the middle of the word and occasionally shows up at the finish of the word.Here space some instances of lengthy /e/ words spelled v letters ee:peel creep breeze fourteen speech three fleeagree committee

You can shot spelling some ee native here and also here.

EA indigenous A an extremely common means of spelling the long /e/ sound is through the letters ea.

Here space some examples:

peach dream year feast breathesqueakreason E – E wordsSometimes the long /e/ sound is spelled through an e in the middle of the word and an e in ~ the end of the word. This words are typically (but no always!) an ext than one syllable long.Here space some instances of long /e/ words spelled v an e in the middle of the word and an e at the end: here gene thesethemeconcretedeleteseverePortuguese

You can try spelling part e – e indigenous here.

Y wordsOften, at the end of a word, the lengthy /e/ sound is spelled through the letter y. This sound is not always as strong as other long /e/ sounds.

Here are some instances of lengthy /e/ words spelled through the letter y:

happy cherry glory memory twenty family smelly empty

You can shot spelling part y indigenous here.

IE Words

The famed ‘i prior to e other than after c’ order rule applies to lengthy /e/ sounds.Here room some instances of lengthy /e/ words spelled with the letter ie:

field brief shriek fierce achieve mischief diesel EI native

Since the ‘i before e’ spelling dominance doesn’t use after the letter c, some long /e/ sounds space spelled through the letter ei.Here are some examples of lengthy /e/ native spelled v the letter ei:

ceiling receipt receive deceiveconceive perceive conceit

If you’d like to learn much more about spelling lengthy /e/ sounds, have a look at Unit 7 and Unit 21 on our online spelling course.

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