George Clooney and Natalie Dormer star in latest Nespresso Campaign, "The Quest"

Premiering on screens around the world today, George Clooney return in his recent installment as a Nespresso brand ambassador, as he’s never ever been seen before. ‘The Quest’ sees George Clooney suited up in armour, majestically saving a medieval kingdom prior to hitting the roadways of brand-new York City ~ above a quest to uncover his heart’s desire, the kingdom’s many exceptional coffee. Co-starring in the epic adventure is just one of the silver- screen’s most famed queens, Natalie Dormer, and also the two function in the largest an international Nespresso project to date, launching in an ext than 30 countries.

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A knight"s reward

‘The Quest’ is inspired by Nespresso’s very own tireless search of excellence in delivering outstanding coffee experiences. The 60-second TV commercial, backed by Peter Gabriel’s ‘Solsbury Hill’, is collection in a middle ages castle and George plays an honorable knight to a formidable queen. ~ slaying a dragon to conserve the Queen’s kingdom, George is available a reward, which sets him turn off on a search to discover something he important desires. His pursuit takes him from a middle ages court come a movie theatre and also on a double decker bus, proving he will prevent at nothing to uncover his lovely Nespresso.

“I’ve been working v Nespresso for countless years and also I’m thrilled to be earlier on set. This time I get to work-related with the really talented Natalie Dormer and live out my fantasy of playing the function of a middle ages knight,” said George Clooney.

A worthy queen

This year, Natalie Dormer co-stars in the campaign, and plays a installation character given her previous regal display roles. Natalie unsurprisingly perfects the component of one exacting queen and also as a self-proclaimed Nespresso aficionado; she to be perfectly suitable to attribute alongside George.

“I’m a huge Nespresso fan, and also my family members thinks it is an extremely apt ns am doing this commercial. Working through George Clooney - what a dream come true! that is such a joy and he’s for this reason funny. I’ve been enjoying his occupational for years, so finally getting come meet and work through him to be fantastic,” Natalie Dormer stated of functioning on ‘The Quest’.

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A partnership forged in sustainability

Having worked with Nespresso since 2006, George Clooney is now synonymous with the brand and also his passion for sustainability provides him a true partner. His continued support highlights Nespresso’s dedication to sustainability, recycling and also commitment come high quality coffee. George sets an instance for what it means to defy classification standards in his determination to offer positive assistance on worldwide issues and also champion sustainability, a mission that mirrors the of Nespresso. The agency is steadfast in its work-related to do recycling accessible and encourage authorized in the recycling program, largely supported through George Clooney, who said, “Younger generations are now really invested in recycling, and as a whole, we room much much more aware of our consumption. It’s necessary for carriers to drive creation to safeguard our planet’s future. Nespresso has actually really made it as basic as feasible to recycle and also I’m really happy and really proud to occupational for the agency because of that.”

Quest for excellence

This desire because that excellence is what hold together Nespresso; the instrumental people in the coffee worth chain; George Clooney; and Nespresso coffee lovers, and it is this appointment which influenced the campaign. The campaign features a number of assets, including a 30-sec film entitled ‘Really, George?’ starring countless of the civilization responsible for the vital work at every phase of the coffee farming process, indigenous an agronomist and coffee farmer with to a nation manager from Technoserve and Nespresso coffee experts. George Clooney explained: “My occupational with Nespresso goes past the brand-new campaign. We share a commitment come sustainability and supporting the livelihoods the farmers and also their families, together without them, we wouldn’t have actually this an excellent coffee. Starring alongside them in the project is a real honour.”

Each individual’s story and personal quest have the right to be found via a organize of fascinating interviews easily accessible on the Nespresso website and social channels.

“‘The Quest’ is about going above and beyond for the can be fried coffee experience, and is influenced by the work-related Nespresso does come ensure greatest quality, sustainable coffee,” stated Alfonso Gonzalez, Nespresso an international Chief Marketing Officer. “By drawing on expanded content, this is the first campaign where George interacts with few of the crucial people that make Nespresso the particularly coffee the it is, at all stages of the Nespresso procedure – indigenous those farming coffee or quality trial and error to those sharing their expertise in ours Boutiques. We strive to always deliver the best, and also it is these people who make it all possible.”