B. Variable expenses per unit are resolved over the relevant variety and fixed costs per unit are variable.

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C. Complete variable costs are variable end the relevant range and solved in the long term, when fixed expenses never change.

D. Variable costs per unit adjust in varying increments, if fixed prices per unit change in same increments.




Option B...variable expense per unit doesn"t change with the level that output however fixed expense per unit changes, the an ext you develop the lesser the fixed cost per unit


I THINK that IS "B"

since VARIABLE price REMAIN continuous FOR pertinent PERIOD. However IN THE case OF FIXED expense CAN BE changes IN UNITS 


Answer added by VENKITARAMAN KRISHNA MOORTHY VRINDAVAN, job Execution Manager & accounts Manager , ALI international TRADING EST.6 years earlier

Answer added by manseer muhammed ali, Accountant general , imperial Lighting L.L.C & imperial Furnishing LLC5 years ago

B). Variable cost per unit will remain continuous at every level of manufacturing whereas Fixed expense per unit will differ according to the level of production. 

Answer included by Almutaz Bakry Sidahmed, interior audit manager CIA & CCSA , Um Alqura advancement 6 years earlier

Option B: Variable costs per unit are fixed over the relevant selection and fixed expenses per unit are variable is correct.


Explanation: Fixed cost alters in unit, i.e. As the units produced increases, fixed price per unit decreases and also vice versa, therefore the fixed price per unit is inversely proportional to the variety of output produced. Wherein as Variable cost remains same, every unit.

answer :d

. Variable prices per unit change in varying increments, if fixed costs per unit adjust in same increments.

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