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Yes, that a pushfeed. I"ll go pet my pre-64"s after ~ posting this just to assuage them.But, down to business, neighborhood store has a decent problem Winchester version 70 featherweight XTR in 257 Roberts v a no name scope in weaver mounts for $599. Anybody have one the these? If so, just how do castle shoot? I"m thinking this gun, to add Christmas unique McMillan Edge equals pretty irradiate 257 rob to ago up mine wonderful, yet porkish, 257 Roy.
Oregon: ns bought one as quickly as they came out earlier around 1980;sent it come Jaeger"s and also had Dietrich Apelconvert it to 30/06 box and also follower,and made it a 3" Roberts(you just did this back then,don"t questioning why
Set up like that I got 3200 native a 100 gr Partition;over 2900 v the 120 and also shot numerous antelope and mule deer ,coyotes, etc and many new england woodchucks through the rifle,including a near-record pronghorn at approximately 400 yards.I learned that the Roberts is yes, really a miniature 270 Winchester.The rifle shoot the 100 gr much better than the 120,but not poor with to be a favorite rifle,my second Roberts,and teach me a lot about the Roberts capabilities. I have not wanted for any kind of other 25 caliber since.I would certainly say grab it;even if that takes some tweaking it will be a great rifle.
Had two of them end the years...same endure as Bob"s...mine would certainly shoot 100 grainers lamp out...absolutely couldn"t acquire them to shoot 120"s...No longer an issue in this day and also age, v bullets choose the TSX available..Nice rifles, and great"ll forget that a press feed!Ingwe
Ive gained one, its shoots 120"s well, i beg your pardon suprised me. Last Ruger I had actually wouldnt shooting 117"s or 120"s. Im considering parting through mine since I have a NIB M77 MarkII on the way. Safe felt weird without a Ruger in over there
The fit and also finish on the persons Ive handled is an extremely good. The only knock on castle is they space a lengthy Action, through a quick magazine (spacer added). You can put a 30-06 follower and mag box in castle to do a 3" Roberts.This permits you an ext room to really obtain them going if castle are as necessary throated.
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Don"t have actually one yet wish i did, you simply don"t see many of them around. Maybe try to haggle him under $50 or $100 and see what happens.
Don"t have actually one yet wish ns did, you just don"t see plenty of of them around. Maybe shot to haggle him down $50 or $100 and see what happens.
Had one, shot decent groups with factory ammo, man made an sell to buy that well past what i paid for it moved on. The Ruger MKII, had to adjust out the trigger, then it shot well.
I had one from when they very first came out and would still have actually it had I not shed it in a home fire. Mine chosen 75s, 100s and also especially 117 serial Sierra flatbase bullets. Eliminated over 100 whitetails with mine.Buy it!
Not an XTR however just lugged home a pre-war 257 this past weekend. Searching for some selection time this afternoon.
I hve one and like many guys have said, the shoots the 100"s yes, really well. Also, mine prefer H4350 the best.ddj
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