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Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 7:38 pm
Lately, these past couple of months, I\"ve to be seeing a Winchester design 37, 16 Gauge, in my local Smith/small total shop, choke, watch like around a 28 customs barrel. Looks favor it\"s in pretty an excellent shape. It\"s a solitary shot, yet that suits me. The shop is asking $150, and, looking around I check out the going price seems to be between $75 and also $200. Looks favor you\"d have to remove a screw top top the fore-end to take it it down.What\"s up with this model? i don\"t own a shotgun, and also have to be thinking around getting a bird because that my freezer indigenous time to time. I did shoot my dad\"s dual 12 from time to time, and have shoot the Mossberg 12\"s quite regularly while in the Navy.It\"s kinda tempting.

Im no real familiar with the winchester however am v the 16ga. I\"ve to be shooting one due to the fact that I to be a kid. The 16ga is means under rated and is imo the finest shotgun round for all about use. Look at the numbers and you see a shooting weight just 1/16 or 1/8 ounce lighter than a 12ga and the very same or much more velocity with much less recoil. (again imo). This is all if you have the right to live through shooting and hunting v a 2 3/4\" shell vs a 3\" mag. Which you can!
For the money being asked its precious trying out. If friend don\"t prefer it , obtaining your money earlier out of the shouldnt it is in a problem...
The Win. 37 in 16 ga. Is the an initial \"newer\" shotgun that my dad bought for my brother and I to hunt/ shoot clays with. They\"re an excellent guns and have a handy the end of the method hammer.I wish I/we still had actually it, but it\"s been gone for something \"better\" for a long, lengthy time.The 12 and 16 ga. Are usually priced nice reasonably, but the smaller sized gauges demand a premium as well as the red letter stamped ones. Ns haven\"t adhered to prices on these lately, but $150 sounds near top finish for a 16ga. Assuming it\"s in good shape.
the forearm traction off, grasp forward of screw and also pull away from the barrel, no need to use the screw(which stop the system in the wood). After forearm removal opening the action via the lever enables the barrel to be eliminated from the receiver.slightly end 1 million were made. 99% in complete choke, stamped \"choke\" ~ above the barrel. Constructed 1937-1964.prices are all over the spectrum, escape on problem I have seen castle $125 in well provided shape to over $500 for 98%+ examples. Saw a \"mod\" marked 16 gauge at Tulsa the was marked at $1650.00, a rarely gun, but....they space a great, light, fun solitary shot with a fine built activity and, for a single shot, simple recoil. $150 is a steal if in good shape
the forearm pulls off, grasp forward that screw and also pull away from the barrel, no must use the screw(which hold the mechanism in the wood). ~ forearm removal opening the activity via the lever enables the barrel come be eliminated from the receiver.slightly end 1 million to be made. 99% in full choke, stamped \"choke\" ~ above the barrel. Developed 1937-1964.prices are all over the spectrum, depending on problem I have seen them $125 in well supplied shape to over $500 for 98%+ examples. Saw a \"mod\" significant 16 gauge at Tulsa that was marked at $1650.00, a rare gun, but....they space a great, light, fun single shot with a fine built activity and, for a single shot, basic recoil. $150 is a steal if in good shape
Thanks because that the information folks. And, particularly for the take-down information; that\"s the method my dad\"s double-12 came apart, yet I didn\"t desire to force it. I far better get end there and also have one more look. Possibly it\"ll come home with me in the next couple of days.
Brought it home today. No a most wear and tear, bore is clean and shiny. I am somewhat surprised in ~ the problem of the wood, considering it\"s age. Will write-up a photo one of these days soon.
You obtained a good deal. Those guns are difficult to bust and easy to fix. My old 20 guage 37 come from a garage sale without any type of forend or forend iron. But back a couple of years you could buy both indigenous Numrich\"s, so i did. That is a 28\" full choke, although I have seen 12s and 16s with 30\" and also 32\" barrels (the 32\"ers I witnessed in Panama). 30\" is common in 12s here; 28\" is usual in 20s, and also 16s. I also have a 28\" .410 that ns bought in 1951, and have own a 26\" .410, too. As far as I\"ve seen, every 37s are complete choke other than the 20 guage 26\" \"Youth Model\" i m sorry is modified.

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You may want to buy part Polywad spreader wads for it if friend handload, or buy part \"spreader\" shells for it if girlfriend don\"t. The chokes on many 37s space tight together a tick, and also up \"close and an individual shots\" can either it is in a miss out on or burger.... I always keep a few handloaded Polywad 7 1/2s in my vest in instance we acquire into tight cover wherein it is shoot quick or no at all. (I execute this for every one of my firearms that room choked full or modified, not just the 37--I only have one gun through choke tubes, a yellow Label).Even v modest-value older guns I don\"t like rechoking or other metal changes much; castle aren\"t do any an ext of those pre-64 Winchesters.You\"ll have fun through this classic!
My first shotgun was a 37A in 12 gauge. 30\" bbl. Full choke. Ns bought in ~ Weatherby\"s in south Gate in 1975. Ns was 14. I offered it for Trap. My Dad had to perform the paperwork of course. I soon bought a Lee loader. Then a Lee load-all shortly after. This thread carried back good memories. Ns don\"t think too numerous Ca. Children are trusted to reload & shoot this days. What a pity that kids are no much longer raised to be that responsible. Funny point is my Dad didn\"t hunting or shoot trap. I was just a son with outdoor desires stuck in the city.