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I LOOKED at A WINCHESTER version 12 this day . Over there IS ONE thing I execute NOT UNDERSTAND about THIS gun . THE SERIAL NUMBERS are 4205807 and BOTH number MATCH. THE GUN look at PERFECTLY typical FOR THIS age . ALOT of THE BLUING IS GONE, and THE numbers LOOK NORMAL. Because THEY just MADE A tiny OVER 2 MILLION weapons . HOW can THIS NUMBER be RIGHT? I would BUY THIS GUN other than FOR THE SERIAL NUMBER. Carry out YOU THINK the SOMEONE has BEEN DOING some STAMPING that NUMBERS? thank YOU

You might probably examine out the serial # in the Blue book of total Values. It"ll also help you referee the condition and its value. Serial numbers don"t constantly start v #1 & walk up from there. I haven"t looked in the Blue Book, however this serial number wouldn"t necessarily typical that it was the 4,205,807th total made. They may have actually started their serialization in ~ 2,500,000, for example. The fact that the numbers match is a great start.


You might probably inspect out the serial # in the Blue publication of total Values. It"ll also assist you referee the condition and also its value. Serial number don"t constantly start v #1 & go up from there. Ns haven"t looked in the Blue Book, but this serial number wouldn"t necessarily typical that it was the 4,205,807th gun made. Lock may have actually started your serialization in ~ 2,500,000, because that example. The fact that the numbers complement is a good start.
First, the Blue publication is worthless! :roll: and you know small about version 12s! castle did start at #1!If this is the stamped number then I imply this number to be a mistake.
Have never heard of one American made version 12 v a serial like that. The highest Model 12, not included the Y Models, is 1,999,999; follow to Dave Riffle. When the employees at new Haven would certainly stamp two weapons with same serial number, they would certainly either send it earlier to steel finishing and buff turn off the serial number or they would certainly stamp an x ~ the serial number.I"ve never ever paid any kind of attention to the off shore model 12 reproductions; possibly it"s one among these v their very own serial numbering. You might be way to check this more if you"re expecting to it is in buying a real model 12 quite than gain an turn off shore one hung on"ya. Unless you"re okay with among these. They"re probably an alright gun because that a shooter.

I"ve never paid any attention to the turn off shore design 12 reproductions; probably it"s one one of these through their very own serial numbering. You might be wise to check this further if you"re expecting to be buying a real version 12 rather than gain an off shore one hung on"ya. Unless you"re it s okay with among these. They"re probably an alright gun for a shooter.
The "off shore" design 12s were all 20(Browning & Winchester) or 28(Browning only) gauge with vent ribs and also would most likely not have most that the finish worn off, and they have actually a mix of Letters and Numbers in your serial #.

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You"re ideal - ns don"t understand diddly about Model 12s - no really interested. I"d to be thinking about SShooterZ"s project to reorganize stickies because that newbies in the reloading forum and also had simply answered one more newby inquiry & had actually newbies top top the mind & comment to this in that context there is no paying attention to i beg your pardon forum it to be in. :roll: i stand chastened and corrected, and also am in awe.Have to disagree about the Blue Book, though. I"ve found it advantageous in ballparking prices on enlarge doubles.
Hello hamburger and everyone else: Well very first off as Moderator, I"ll remind everyone, the forum is a ar to exchange information, what we"ve learned, from an individual experiences, to what has been written and published, native original factory literature, to various authors.Myself as Moderator i really have actually to try hard in ~ times and also choose my words carefully, regarding not offend anyone!! us all have our very own opinions regarding "what"s great information and also what"s poor information!! The allude is if you feeling someone has actually used a recommendation that"s not as accurrate as it could be, you re welcome feel cost-free to short article a far better reference. Human being are only trying to help the initial poster out!!Now hamburger this question has actually come increase before! What I deserve to tell friend is serial numbers for the us made Md 12s began with #1 in 1912 and ended in the 2,026,500 range in 1985 through the last special run the "Y" Md 12s recognized as the Jaquae order come USRA.Now occasionally a " 1 " have the right to look choose an L specifically on the one million weapons that started with " 1 ". While i haven"t seen every Md 12 ever made, no one to my knoledge ever before started with a 4 other than those in the 400,000 S/N variety which would have actually been 1925-1927 manufacturing years, and the barrel need to be stamped NICKEL stole or STAINLESS STEEL.Since numbers have the right to be refined off, specifically on recipient extentions, a little harder on receivers, and reapplied. You may have actually seen a 4,000,000 S/N but it didn"t come from the factory!!BTW the Blue publication isn"t totally useless, due to the fact that I wouldn"t market a pre-64 Winchester shotgun for much less than what the Blue publication said it to be worth! LOLFor serial number info: I use Dave Riffles publication for the Md 1912/12, Ned Scwhings publications for the Md 21 and 42. For the rather I use Maddis" second edition!!!! His an initial edition has actually too numerous problems, indigenous typos come inaccurate info. If you have a Winchester shotgun, other than a Md 21 or 1897 listed below S/N 380,000 we have to use Maddis" numbers until something more accurate is published. Since the Md 21 and also 1897 listed below 380,000 space the just pre-64 shotguns come letter indigenous the Cody guns Museim.Regards come allDave