i once gained fastball key of 150 km/h (93 mph) in the baseball video game of Wii Sports. I just did it just once, every my various other fastball are much slower than that typically 100 mph (62 mph).

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I don"t know exactly how I was able to throw a pitch prefer that. I don"t mental what method did i used. Ns would prefer to understand which movement or pitching mechanic I need to achieve these speeds.


The trick come ultra-fast pitches is a fast, but quick movement, favor flicking your wrist:

Quickly flick her wrist instead of throwing an yes, really pitch. This is the catch: conveniently flicking her wrist will certainly make the controller think you"re making the "throw" motion a lot much faster than you in reality are.

Another tip contrasted it to trying to swat a paris - a spicy downward motion.


I"ve uncovered the best an approach is to kinda throw a direct punch (as if boxing), i m sorry 95% of the time results in 150-153km/h fast balls.



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