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Rembrandt to be born in Leiden top top July 15, 1606- his full name Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. He was the boy of a miller. Despite the reality that he come from a family of fairly modest means, his parents took great care v his education. Rembrandt started his researches at the Latin School, and also at the age of 14 he to be enrolled in ~ the college of Leiden. The program did not interest him, and also he soon left to examine art - first with a regional master, Jacob valve Swanenburch, and also then, in Amsterdam, with Pieter Lastman, recognized for his historical paintings. After 6 months, having actually mastered everything he had actually been taught, Rembrandt went back to Leiden, whereby he was soon so very regarded the although barely 22 year old, he took his an initial pupils. Among his students to be the renowned artist Gerrit Dou.Rembrandt relocated to Amsterdam in 1631; his marriage in 1634 to Saskia valve Uylenburgh, the cousin that a successful art dealer, enhanced his career, bringing that in call with affluent patrons who eagerly commissioned portraits. An especially fine example from this duration is the Portrait of Nicolaes Ruts (1631, Frick Collection, new York City). In addition, Rembrandt"s supernatural and religious works were lot in demand, and he painted countless dramatic masterpieces such together The Blinding the Samson (1636, Städelsches Kunstinstitut, Frankfurt). Since of his renown as a teacher, his studio was filled v pupils, few of whom (such together Carel Fabritius) were already trained artists. In the 20th century, scholars have reattributed a number of his paints to his associates; attributing and identifying Rembrandt"s functions is an active area of art scholarship.In contrast to his successful public career, however, Rembrandt"s family members life was significant by misfortune. In between 1635 and also 1641 Saskia offered birth to four children, yet only the last, Titus, survived; her own fatality came in 1642 - at the age of 30. Hendrickje Stoffels, involved as his housekeeper about 1649, eventually came to be his common-law wife and was the version for numerous of his pictures. Regardless of Rembrandt"s gaue won success together an artist, teacher, and art dealer, his penchant for ostentatious living compelled him to declare bankruptcy in 1656. An perform of his arsenal of art and antiquities, taken prior to an auction to salary his debts, showed the breadth of Rembrandt"s interests: old sculpture, Flemish and also Italian Renaissance paintings, far Eastern art, modern Dutch works, weapons, and also armour. Unfortunately, the outcomes of the auction - including the revenue of his house - to be disappointing. These difficulties in no means affected Rembrandt"s work; if anything, his artistry increased. Some of the great paintings from this period are The Jewish Bride (1665), The Sampling officials of the Drapers" Guild (1662, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam), Bathsheba (1654, Louvre, Paris), Jacob Blessing the young of Joseph (1656, Staatliche Gemäldegalerie, Kassel, Germany), and a self-portrait (1658, Frick Collection). His an individual life, however, ongoing to it is in marred by sorrow.

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His beloved Hendrickje passed away in 1663, and his son, Titus, in 1668 - just 27 years of age. Eleven months later, on October 4, 1669, Rembrandt died in Amsterdam.
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