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The second to last chapter the Walden
ends:Thus to be my very first year\"s life in the woods completed; and the 2nd year was similar to it. I ultimately left Walden September 6th, 1847.After 2 years, 2 months and also 2 days, Henry Thoreau
left his residence at Walden Pond and also moves back home in Concord.

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Thoreau\"s remain at Walden was a good success and he would never again have such a productive literary period. He finished 2 drafts the the book he visited the Pond come write, A main on The Concord and also Merrimack Rivers, which would be published in 1849. He composed a lecture and also had it released as an essay, \"Thomas Carlyle and also His Works,\" and likewise began another essay ~ above his 1846 expedition to Maine. And he additionally started a lecture licensed has been granted \"A background of Myself,\" an account of his \"housekeeping\" at Walden Pond. This lecture would eventually come to be Thoreau\"s masterpiece, Walden; or, Life in The Woods — yet that wouldn\"t it is in for one more seven years!Why did Thoreau leave the Pond? In the conclusion of Walden he writes, \"I left the woods for as great a factor as ns went there. Maybe it appeared to me the I had several an ext lives come live, and also could no spare any much more time for that one.\" and Thoreau did achieve a an excellent deal in those two years, and not simply in a literature sense. He grew up in those 2 years. He lived a fairly self-reliant life and discovered what it expected to \"be alive.\" at Walden, Thoreau lived his life ~ above his terms and and, in his words, endeavored come live the life that he imagined.When package left the Pond he moved earlier into his parents home for about a month. In October, Ralph Waldo Emerson began a one year lecture tourism in England. Thoreau would certainly move into Emerson\"s home as a caretaker/handy man in order come watch end the Emerson family and handle RWE\"s organization affairs when he to be gone. Near the end of 1848 Thoreau would move house to his parents\" house and would remain with them for the rest of his life.*Richard Smith is one independent chronicler specializing in the Antebellum period, with a one-of-a-kind interest in the Transcendentalists.

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