Sooo... Yeah, pretty much, people that LIKE who they're kissing don't kiss with their eyes open right? It's generally a bad thing if they do..? ... Do YOU kiss with your eyes open?

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whaaaat? he's looking to see if he can make out some sign of pleasure from you or if you're telegraphing some subtle hint to add tongue or teeth or..? lolI don't kiss with my eyes open . I feel with my lips and tongue what the lady seems to like or not..but I wouldn't say it's a bad thing..just maybe a bit unnerving for you..why don't you just ask him? "hey, why do ya kiss me with your eyes open?" and tell him.."it feels a little weird to me" communication is a couples best friend..and friends close enough to be swapping spit should be able to talk about what's good and what's not so good

Creepy, I mean I've opened my eyes for like a second during a make out to check something quick, but if he holds them open that is deffinetly not normal. Have you asked him about it?

I have kissed with my eyes totally and completely closed before...sometimes meant that I was wishing she was someone else? I think it is weird if that person never closes their eyes...but him wanting to see & watch you...might be a compliment?

I kiss with my eyes open, it's just a habit then I'll notice that there open and see that his are closed so I'll close them. I just like to see what I'm doing

ive did it before. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. he might want to savor the moment and enjoy looking at you
haha I wouldn't say that. if it makes you uncomfortable then say so... but I don't really see a problem with wanting to occasionally look at the person you're kissing. I think making eye contact is sexy.
My man keeps his eyes wide open and looks around him. Even when we are home alone and there's just me and him he looks around the room while kissing me. The strangest part is its just touching lips too (no tongues) he never closes his eyes. My mum thinks he's shifty.
But you never giveShould've known you was troubleFrom the first kissHad your eyes wide openWhy were they open?

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Yeah I would find that weird, I only kissed it my eyes open once and that's when I was trying to watch the expendables