Our dogs perform a many gross things, and drinking native the toilet is quite high up over there on the list. But have you ever wondered why? Why on earth would our dogs select to drink toilet water when they can drink out of their own an elaborate bowl?

Why perform Dogs Drink indigenous the Toilet?

Why dog dog drink indigenous the toilet? believe it or no our dog drink indigenous the toilet because it’s normally cooler & fresher than what’s in your water bowl. It’s difficult to think that our dogs would choose toilet water over what’s in your bowl, yet standing water (even if it’s in their an elaborate bowl) isn’t an extremely appealing.

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The most usual reasons that dogs drink native the restroom are:

Toilet water remains coolToilet water is freshThe water in their own bowl gets stagnant

So to put it merely dogs drink from the toilet due to the fact that that water continues to be cool and also fresh due to the fact that every time the restroom is flushed brand-new water come in. And also although that’s really gross come us, it’s the freshness that attracts her dog to the toilet rather than the water that’s been sitting out for hrs in their very own bowl.

Toilet Water continues to be Cool

One reason our dogs love come drink restroom water is simply due to the fact that it stays nice and also cool. Toilet water is always cool, conversely, water from your dogs water bowl might be heat temperature. So once our dogs are offered a an option between room temperature water that’s been standing out for awhile versus cool toilet water they’ll regularly opt because that the latter.

Toilet Water is Fresh

While it’s quite gross to think around the truth is restroom water is fresher than water that’s been sitting the end for a work or two in a bowl. Dogs tend to protect against stagnant water due to the fact that it’s much more likely to be contaminated. For this reason when provided a selection between water that’s to be sitting in a bowl for a day or restroom water countless dogs will opt because that the restroom water.

Studies have discovered that toilet water has actually lower bacter counts than various other bathroom surfaces. And also depending ~ above how regularly you’re cleaning the end your dog water bowl the toilet water may undoubtedly be cleaner and also fresher because it’s gift refreshed with each flush.

Your dog Water bowl is Dirtier 보다 You Think

In 2011 the national Sanitation structure (NSF) conducted a research on household items to recognize where the highest concentration of virus are. They experiment the contamination levels of yeast, mold and also coilform bacteria (incliuding Salmonella and also E. Coli).

They ranked the peak 10 hot spots for germs, and your toilet didn’t do the list. Yet in fourth place? her pets bowl. (pet toys space 7th) Number 1 ~ above the perform was your kitchen sponge. In truth 33% of kitchen sponges test optimistic for E. Coli contamination.


It doesn’t take lengthy for standing water to come to be stagnant. Store your dogs water key clean, and remember come refill the a couple times a work to keep it fresh.

How to Clean her Dogs Water Bowl

So exactly how do you store your pet water key clean? Washing your pets bowl with your hands alone (with a sponge & soapy water) can leave some germs behind. And depending ~ above what type of key you use there’s 2 usual methods for cleaning. Here’s a couple of tips on just how to cleans your dogs bowl much more effectively.

Washing your Dogs Bowl with a Sponge & Soapy Water

If you usage a plastic, porcelain or ceramic water key you’re walking to desire to stick come the sponge & soapy water routine. (a couple of plastic and ceramic bowls might be dishwasher safe, examine the bottom of her dogs bowl for the label)

You have the right to still use the sponge & soapy water regime to get your pets bowl clean, simply remember the the sponge you use will need cleaning as well. You have the right to clean your sponge through soaking it in water and then microwaving it because that 2 minutes every other day. Simply remember to always soak it before putting that in the microwave. That method will death over 99% of the pathogens in her sponge.

To clean your dogs water bowl use a fluid soap or laundry detergent with hot water and scrub the inside v your sponge as soon as a day.

Washing your Dogs key in the Dishwasher

If her dog has actually a stainless steel water bowl you can wash the in the dishwasher. If you’re not certain if her dogs key will host up in the dishwasher check for the label. Many dishes (and some dog toys) will have actually a ‘dishwasher safe’ label.

Cleaning your pets bowl in the dishwasher is one effective method to kill the germs. While warm water alone might make her dogs bowl look clean, it’s tough to reach the 140 F temperature to kill germs in anything other than a dishwasher.

Removing Biolfilm From your Dogs Bowl

Many pets dishes end up v a great of slimy biofilm ~ awhile (especially true because that plastic dishes), and also it’s quite difficult to remove because it requirements to be damaged up. Part sponges space abrasive sufficient to work on your own, however if no you can add some salt come one next of her sponge to make it abrasive sufficient to break away the film.

After you’ve gotten rid of the biofim you have the right to clean her dogs bowl through a mixture the vinegar and also baking soda. Mix it until it’s a paste like texture and thoroughly scrub the within of the bowl.

The threats of her Dog drinking From the Toilet

When your dog drink from the toilet there space some potential wellness concerns. Many of the cleaning assets we usage contain solid chemicals that have the right to be harmful come our pets. Those clean agents pose a bigger risk to your dog than the toilet water itself. Few of those products leave residue behind, and also some space designed to continually relax chemicals.

Keep her dog safe from those perhaps toxic commodities by maintaining them far from the bathroom ~ you’ve offered them.

How to prevent Your Dog From drink From the Toilet

While drink from the toilet isn’t desired, there room a couple of ways to help reduce the behavior. The easiest way to protect against your dog from drinking from the toilet is to remove their access from it. You deserve to either save your toilet lid closed at every times, or you have the right to opt to save the door to the restroom closed.

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The other means to discourage your dog from drink from the restroom is by thoroughly cleaning your dogs water bowl as soon as a day, and refilling it v fresh water multiple time throughout the day. Was standing water is a reproduction ground for bacteria, and that’s why our dogs opt for that “refreshing” toilet water. It may be gross to us, however to our dog they simply see a bowl of cool, new water.