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Let’s set the phase. The Los Angeles Lakers are up two in the Video Game 7 of the NBA Finals, 15 seconds left in the game. LeBron James jogs ago dvery own the court to play the a lot of essential protective possession of the seaboy and also before the other team deserve to gain past midcourt he wipes the bottom of the shoes through his hands.

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Why? Did LeBron action in some gum on the way earlier dvery own the court? Is he making sure that his sneakers aren’t falling acomponent a la Zion Williamboy via the Fight It Out Blue Devils? Is he simply doing so out of pure halittle bit to attempt and also intimiday the various other team? 

The answer is namong the above. If you are a frequent basketround viewer then you understand that this is not an unwidespread point, whether it be the pros or at the pick-up game at your regional rec center. But why? Why are these players rubbing the bottom of their shoes? Let’s break it dvery own.

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VI.Wrapping Things Up: Key Takeaways


However, some points have been done to try and also improve the process. Slipp-Nott is a sporting activities traction pad that was developed in the early on 2000s to be an extra effective method to wipe the dust and also debris off the bottom of basketsphere shoes. 

Slipp-Nott and similar assets have actually become pretty famous as players ssuggest have to action on the pad and wipe the bottom of their shoes on it. However, it has not totally gained rid of the hand-wiping. 

Players cannot contact a timeout to go wipe the bottom of their shoes and in intense durations of games, you will certainly see players wiping their shoes either before protective stands or throughout free-throw attempts.

Dwyane Wade and Mission Athletics occurred a product referred to as Court Grip™ in 2011 that would spray onto the bottom of basketball shoes to help keep debris off and also solve this problem.

However before, as we have viewed in the countless NBA games considering that Wade unveiled this product in 2011, it has actually not completely stopped the shoe-wiping trend, as it is an easy and also quick method to increase tractivity in the middle of the action. 

Wrapping Things Up: Key Takeaways

Tbelow are other choices out tbelow if you are overly came to around gaining that dust and also debris on your hands throughout a basketsphere game. Slipp-Nott and Court Grip™ are two options however do not administer the same quick and also straightforward traction-relief that wiping the bottom of your shoes will carry out.

As we have actually outlined, it is more than simply a catchy trend that has actually taken over NBA games and while rec center players can execute it just to mimic their favorite players, it has actually a function and also can save someone from gaining crossed over and embarrassed in a game of pick-up.

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It is not a game-long solution as the dust and debris will ultimately uncover its way ago onto the rubber of your shoes. However, if you are someone that has struggled in finding tractivity prior to, make sure you wipe the bottom of your shoes as you head into that crucial final possession via the game on the line.