A vampire infestation take away a revolve for the worse when Dean is turned. Together Samuel works to revolve him back we learn an ext about the mysterious alpha vampire, and disturbing brand-new questions room raised about Sam.

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“Live totally free Or Twihard” was no what i was expecting. See the title when I fired up mine DVR to clock the show, i was guessing this was going to be another big comedy episode. Twilight, and the rest of the current vampire properties, room certainly basic target for part ribbing. And we did gain a little bit of that, but this was eventually a much much more serious illustration that has large ramifications coming as the season move forward.

There’s really no a lot come say around the situation of the week. We’ve viewed the vampire bar, and also the vampire sub-culture, done on a host of different shows over the past few years. The boys uncovered a nest, and destroyed it. Yay team. The real fun originates from two large reveals that were part of the case.

First, the alpha vampire is structure an army. The plan (to use cute boy vampires to recruitment cute girl vampires to recruit cute young vampires, etc.) is nice brilliant, and also awfully frightening. I’m more interested, however, in how this vampire army fits in with what we currently know around the coming war. It would seem that alpha vamp (who really needs an actual name) is collection to be another major player. Balthazar with his divine weapons, who else with an military of monsters, and also a vampire army.

It’s all really cool, with tons of potential, but still rather dwarfed by one curious look native Sam. That little of the episode was very well done. Top top the an initial pass, once Sam paused if watching Dean be attacked, despite having just killed a vampire v no problem at all, was an extremely strange. It set a mood and the rest of the illustration was complete of stress as us waited for the various other shoe to drop.

Samuel’s accusation around Sam letting Dean be turned heightened the suspicion. And also then the large reveal in Dean’s flashback, that Dean in reality knows Sam allow him it is in turned, spun the entirety thing ~ above its ear. That made the last scene between the two of them an extremely creepy. Dark Sam to be one thing, but this new Sam is gaining practically a sinister air about him. His story guarantees to be an extremely intriguing.

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So, we have to guess just what the deal is. First, is this actually Sam? Is he yes, really back, just adjusted in some way? broken to the allude that he’s singularly focused on this one goal, in ~ the risk of others, even Dean? Or maybe, prefer Samuel, that is Sam yet he’s working for whoever lugged him ago for reasons we space yet to learn? Is it yes, really Sam, however possessed? Or, is this no Sam in ~ all, one impostor? There are so many ways it could go. I favor the idea that it yes, really being Sam, with motivations we don’t understand. But it works out, the totality thing does have actually season six cruising along very well.