Star Wars: 10 points That turned Jacen Solo into Darth Caedus In Legends In Star battles Legends, Jacen Solo became the an effective Sith lord Darth Caedus. Yet what journey Han and Leia"s son to the Dark next of the Force?

The Star Wars broadened Universe to be an opportunity for authors to walk far past the initial trilogy, and weave new stories and also lore right into the canon. Unfortunately, it was all thrown the end the home window when Disney to buy the property in 2012 and set about through their very own vision, i m sorry turned the end to lukewarm audience reception.

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Now called Legends, this alternative content produced two the the most famous personalities - Jacen and Jaina Solo, the youngsters of Han and Leia. The previous would pat a huge duty in galactic events, an initial as a benevolent Jedi Knight, and later, a awful Sith Lord known as Darth Caedus. How did Jacen make this spectacular indigenous grace? Here"s ten key events that driven him under that path.

A young Jacen Solo protects his uncle Luke native Exar Kun's beasts
Jacen and also Jaina weren"t born right into a perfect galaxy. As the youngsters of Han Solo and Leia Organa, both to be targets for unscrupulous people of every kinds. Even prior to they were born, the royal Remnant came under the regulate of cool Admiral Thrawn, who instantly took attention in the children, and promised them to the mad clone Joruus C"baoth in exchange because that his services as a dark Jedi.

Next, the resurrected Emperor Palpatine make a walk for the children, including Leia and Han"s third child Anakin. This, merged with Luke Skywalker"s are afraid that prolonged exposure come the dark side can have long-term effects, might have contributed to few of the chaos that would eventually resurface in Jacen"s adult life.

A young Jacen Solo having fun if climbing through himself
Jacen and also Jaina had virtually nobody to depend on other than each other throughout their early years, due mostly to their prestige which dictated strict security measures. As such, both discovered it an overwhelming to deal with in comparison to regular youngsters who were learning just how to socialize and also create bonds.

The twins had actually a shortcut of your own, and although it would certainly serve them considerably in the comes years, that wasn"t the exact same as having actually a close roster of friend with different opinions and likes to draw from. This detachment indigenous a society circle would certainly be difficult on any type of child, and also doubly so because that one adept in the Force.

Jacen Solo matches the zero Academy
at one point, Jacen and Jaina to be abducted by Nightsister Tamith Kai the the earth Dathomir, additionally home to past Sith mr Darth Maul. Under the tutelage the Luke Skywalker"s failed college student Brakiss, the 2 were moved to give in come the dark side of the pressure and embrace anger and hatred as motivators.

Brakiss inflicted a variety of torments top top the children, including forcing them come square off versus one another, unbeknownst. The was additionally a time of great temptation, because that Brakiss had offered Jacen his first lightsaber, i beg your pardon he had actually secretly coveted. He would later disapprove the weapon, yet the mark of the occurrence still weighed heavy on him.

7 Guilt end Tenel Ka Djo

Jacen and also Tenel Ka Djo, a partnership that would end in disaster
The young woman recognized as Tenel Ka Djo would pop up several times during Jacen"s life, significantly when the 2 trained together at Luke Skywalker"s Jedi Praxeum. There, she dueled Jacen in practice using a lightsaber that shoddy construction, which brought about disaster and long-lasting effects for Solo.

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Her lightsaber fail in mid-training, and also Jacen"s saber severed her eight clean off. It was never ever reattached, and also that resulted in a major blow come Jacen"s confidence. He likewise held romantic feelings because that Ka Djo, which would certainly strain their connection deeply. The guilt end this accident may have actually struck at Jacen an ext deeply 보다 he realized.

The first signs that Jacen"s ultimate downfall came at an early stage into his apprenticeship under Luke Skywalker. Nearly from the start, Jacen clashed through his Uncle regarding the nature that the Force, and the duty the Jedi need to play in Galactic affairs. This eventually spilled over into his partnership with his younger brothers Anakin.

While Anakin believed that the Jedi must act as peacekeepers in galactic affairs, together per tradition, Jacen thought that interior understanding of the force was the true path. Fairly than simply agree come disagree, Jacen check to do his argument the leading one, remaining stubborn in his own defiance.

5 Second-Guessing The Jedi Order

adhering to the an initial initial battles v the Yuuzhan Vong preliminary intrusion fleet, Jacen Solo started calling into doubt the nature of the Jedi Order, and also his duty within it. He believed that the Order had actually fallen away from its original role in galactic affairs; a emotion he harbored before but was now growing.

He express his desire to leave the stimulate entirely, citing his desire to acquire a spiritual knowledge of the Force, there is no the distractions the galactic affairs. Luke Skywalker belayed his request as result of the imminent threat that the Yuuzhan Vong, who can not be felt through the Force.

after excusing self from Jedi duties and also cutting self off indigenous galactic events throughout the Vong invasion, Jacen experienced an overwhelming pains projected native his twin sister Jaina, i m sorry gave method to an ominous force vision that brought about him to second-guess self yet again.

In the vision, Luke Skywalker combated a Yuuzhan Vong warrior, just to litter his lightsaber come Jacen. However, Jacen was unable to grab the lightsaber and spiraled into an imbalance that darkness symbolized in the vision. This would certainly act as foreshadowing for events yet to come.

3 Anakin"s Death affected Him Greatly

for years, Jacen"s connection with Anakin had actually gone from close, to antagonistic, and earlier again. Their ideological clashes concerning the nature that the Force and the Jedi Order was well-known, and the two even squared off in a lightsaber battle to work out the argument, come no avail.

Their love because that one an additional never ceased, till the job Anakin passed away on a mission to ruin the Voxyn Queen, a creature used by the Yuuzhan Vong to hunt Jedi. Currently conflicted end his role in events throughout the war, Jacen take it Anakin"s death extremely hard, and also the next occasions would not help matters much.

complying with Anakin"s death, Jacen was captured by the Yuuzhan Vong and also subjected to a collection of physical and also mental tortures supposed to "shape" him. It was throughout this time the the mysterious Vergere played a an ext prominent duty in what would be his future pressure training. She manipulations ended up teaching Jacen a number of lessons, both an excellent and bad, light and also dark.

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During his time through the Vong, Jacen gave in to anger, rage, and also hatred number of times, despite the incidents in concern were ethically grey. While this did administer him through some knowledge of a greater understanding of the Force, it also spoke a truth Master Yoda once said about starting down the dark path, and also the disaster that would certainly follow.

1 Lumiya"s influence On The Young Jedi

The last tipping point towards Jacen"s fall came when he was accosted through the Dark Lady Lumiya, a Sith practitioner who insisted that the dark next of the Force could be embraced without falling into evil. She cited the life of former Sith lord Darth Vectivus, a man whose attention in Sith belief was academic, at best.

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Lumiya regulated to to convince Jacen that he can wield the dark next without falling victim to evil. This permitted him to justify a cable of atrocities that started with the slaying of Nelani Dinn, one of his padawans that realized he was falling into darkness. From that moment, Jacen permanently changed, and also would soon end up being Darth Caedus. V Lumiya"s tempered guidance, Jacen dropped further and further into vanity and also evil, which spend him.