Michael Jackson’s ever-changing figure remains among the many fascinating parts of the King of Pop’s life. Jackson refuse rumors of multiple plastic surgeries, chalking his appearance up to a skin condition.

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When Jackson’s children were revealed to the public and they go not show up to be of combined race to many, much more questions ensued. Because that years, countless questioned if Jackson is the organic father that his 3 children. The insisted the was, but one gibbs calls Jackson “delusional.”

Michael Jackson denies an altering his appearance v plastic surgery

Jackson’s appearance changed drastically over the years. Not only did his skin complexion go from cacao to pale, but his features additionally noticeably changed. The many noticeable include his nose and also his hair texture.

Per Jackson, the reason of his skin color an altering is as result of him having actually vitiligo — a condition in i m sorry the colors is shed from areas of the skin, causing whitish patches, regularly with no clean cause. Part medical specialists say the problem is worsened by extreme amounts of stress. 

As far as Jackson’s other changes, Jackson denied changing his appearance with cosmetic surgery. He seemingly admitted come a nose task to correct a damaged nose. That told abc News in a 2002 interview, “I’ve had no plastic surgery on mine face,” the said. “Just mine nose. It aided me breathe better so I deserve to hit higher notes.”

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Jackson quote his hair transforming to his hair capturing fire if filming a 1984 Pepsi commercial.

But Jackson’s biographers to speak otherwise, explaining his picture dysmorphia as a result of a painful childhood. Jackson admitted come Oprah Winfrey in a 1994 interview the he suffered from short self-esteem together a result of bad acne and being told he to be ugly by his own father. Every Margo Jefferson, Jackson wanted to change his picture to rid himself of the little boy he as soon as was.

“The tiny Michael Jackson, girlfriend know, who flourished up struggling and suffering and…thinking, ‘I to be worthless…except once I can set this group going.’ ns think he want to flee that Michael Jackson completely.”

Michael Jackson addresses his children’s skin tone

Jackson constantly insisted the his three children — Prince, Paris, and also Blanket — to be biologically his. Interestingly, he retained their deals with covered when they were in public. Jackson did for this reason in bespeak to protect them native paparazzi.

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He when revealed that Prince and also Paris were conceived with Debbie Rowe through science — and that ceiling was conceived v a surrogate mother.

Rowe and also Paris both confirm Jackson’s account. In one interview after Jackson’s death “Michael to be divorced, lonely and wanted children. I offered him mine womb, it to be a gift. It was something ns did to store him happy.”

There are also family photos v Jackson, Rowe, and their two children.

Michael Jai White claims Michael Jackson’s explanation that his appearance and also his kids is ‘delusional’

For years, countless questioned the validity of Jackson’s answers concerning his appearance. Furthermore, many have wondered even if it is his three children are biologically his together many think they be affected by each other no same to Jackson or his family members — nor execute they appear to it is in biracial to some. Jackson has constantly stood firm the his kids are biologically his.

But gibbs Michael Jai White doesn’t buy Jackson’s story. In fact, the considers Jackson to be “delusional” and says Jackson’s fans are so faithful to him the they disregard the obvious. White to express his opinions during a current sit down with Vlad TV.

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“Some things simply ring for sure delusional, prefer ‘Oh, i’ve only had actually one sleep job,’ or ‘These space my children’ – you’re darker than me dude,” White says about Jackson.

White claims that other celebrities would certainly not obtain a pass on producing the very same narrative, utilizing the instance of comedian Eddie Murphy speak a blond-haired and blue-eyed son is biologically his. Follow to White, there would certainly be an ext backlash.

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Vlad takes points a action further, noting that many of the Jackson clan have actually biracial children whose illustration validates such. White agrees and also says Jackson is thought blindly as result of his star power.