Prior to the release of the prequel trilogy, the central question fans wanted the brand-new movies to check out was: why and exactly how does Anakconsequently right into Darth Vader? And, while the prequels and also consequently The Clone Wars, offer handy insights right into this question, the answer is not straight, clearly gave to fans on a plast. For better or worse, and to the dismight of many fans, the answer to this question calls for even more inference and extrapolation. On the surconfront, and as many Star Wars fans have actually suggested, Anakin’s rotate to the dark side might come across as weakly composed in that the prequels, in specific Revenge of the Sith, fail to truly show just how a seemingly good-hearted young Jedi exceptionally easily developed into a slaughterer of younglings and stayed allied through Darth Sidious, despite an plentiful faitempt to save Padme alive. This is why we thought this would certainly be an amazing topic to discover in this week’s blog post.

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Reakid #1: Palpatine manipulated Anakin to turn to the dark side.


This is perhaps the many clear explanation regarding why Anakin lapsed right into the dark side and progressed into Darth Vader. As has been demonstrated in his exceptionally detail-oriented, calculated plans to instigate The Clone Wars as a means to inevitably obtain more power and his similarly calculated, longitudinal plans to manipulate Ben Solo right into ending up being Kylo Ren, Palpatine is clearly extremely intelligent and plans whatever out meticulously. If and also the extent to which Palpatine was connected in Anakin’s birth stays a secret, however, from his concluding line in The Phantom Menace in which he states to young Anakin, “We’ll watch your career through great interemainder,” Palpatine clearly showed an early interemainder in the prophesized Chosen One. Palpatine capitalized on the insecurities of Anakin losing his wife Padme, as he lost his mother Shmi, and, through the now inwell known opera residence scene, planted the seed in Anakin’s mind that the dark side of the pressure is residence to a variety of abilities “some take into consideration to be unherbal.” Anakin’s attachment to and also debilitating are afraid of shedding Padme is the central catalyst for his ultimate loss to the dark side. He knows that the atrocities he will need to commit, consisting of killing Mace and also younglings and also probably even Obi-Wan, are important procedures to delving deeper into the dark side, aligning himself closer to Palpatine, and also discovering these abilities from Palpatine in order to conserve Padme. Anakin clearly claims as much in Revenge of the Sith once he claims, “Just aid me conserve Padme’s life. I can’t live without her.” Many kind of take worry, yet, via the truth that Anakin remains as Darth Vader and, therefore, remains evil after killing Padme. In other terms, it might make feeling that he turned evil in order to turn learn abilities to save Padme’s life, but why would he continue to be evil if this extremely pursuit brought about her death? That’s wbelow the other factors to come in…

Reaboy #2: Anakin’s impulsive, unstable, aggressive personality.


Tright here are shards of anger that shine through Anakin’s personality throughout the prequel era. From his outbursts around Obi-Wan to his vocal disapproval of the Jedi’s perceptions of attachment to his slaughter of Tusken Raiders to his brutal interaction with Clovis, Anakin regularly reacts to cases with aggression. And, like his boy Luke, likewise reacts to situations through impulsivity, a failure to take a measured method to calculating the benefits and pitfalls of actions. All of this is important to understand Anakin’s autumn to the dark side as it’s not that these personality traits alone brought about his transdevelopment into Vader and betrayal of the Jedi order, but, fairly, these personality traits make Anakin fragile to falling right into Palpatine’s trap and also poorly reacting to negative his events in his life. Without these underlying vulnerabilities in his personality, perhaps Anakin would have actually been able to view with Palpatine’s lies and resolve his dismay over the Jedi’s worths and also his fears about losing Padme more productively. This is a core distinction between Anakin and Ahsoka. On paper, Ahsoka has actually eincredibly ideal to rotate to the dark side, or at least versus the Jedi, as they swiftly cast her aside via little bit consideration for her perspective on things and tried to repair the connection once it was also little bit as well late. Unlike Anakin, Ahsoka did not react to the Jedi’s methods through aggression, but, rather, still continued to be on the side of light, simply not aligned via the Jedi. It’s the reality that she doesn’t have these underlying personality traits that she doesn’t respond to the Jedi’s actions through violence and aggression, choose Anakin did. So, overall, Anakin’s aggressive and impulsive personality played an integral, underlying duty in his route to the dark side.

Reakid #3: A wish for a much more simply world


Coupled via these underlying personality vulnerabilities are core occasions in Anakin’s life that he reacts to in negative ways, nan additional obvious than the enslavement and death of his mom. Anakin tells Padme in Attack of the Clones that he disapproves of the consistent consideration of a democracy, that someone intelligent should be able to unilaterally make great decisions on befifty percent of the galaxy to quickly and also sufficiently bring justice. When Padme claims this is favor a dictatorship, Anakin disagrees, nearly viewing such control as necessary to bring justice to an unsimply galaxy. An unsimply galaxy that brought about the enslavement of his beloved mother and also ultimate torturous death. Uniquely, Palpatine additionally shares these worths, but for various factors. This is a core component of their alliance – the idea that a “just” or “good” human being deserve to only be accomplished through the unilateral manage of one person.

Reaboy #4: The Jedi’s mistrust and also conflicting values


With Palpatine pulling the strings, underlying personality traits, and a distorted view of how to carry justice to the galaxy, Anakin’s transformation still doesn’t fully make sense. That’s why his perceptions of the ways in which the Jedi order treated him is a vital last action to his transdevelopment to Vader and why he proceeds to be evil lengthy after their destruction. First, there are the conflicting values in between Anakin and the order. Anakin worths attachment, to Shmi as a mom, to Obi-Wan as a brvarious other and father-prefer number, to Palpatine as a mentor and also father-like number, and the majority of of all to Padme as a wife and future mommy of his son. However, as he proclaimed in Attack of the Clones, attachment is forbidden by the Jedi as they think it will certainly result in the are afraid, anger, frustration and also suffering connected through the Sith and the dark side. And while, in the situation of Anakin, this is true, future information about the Jedi from Luke in The Last Jedi, Rey in The Rise of Skywalker, Palpatine in the Darth Vader comics and also other canon sources display that, probably, the Jedi were misguided in just how bluntly and also definitively they rejected attachment. Perhaps, tbelow was a healthy middle ground for Jedi to endure attachment without being all-consumed by it. But Anakin experiencing under this discrepancy between his values and the Jedi’s. He desperately desires to be a Jedi and also progression in the order, however at the same time desperately desires to be with and take treatment of his wife and also his future family. At some point, this ended up being a choice for Anakin and also an option that, inevitably, led him to the dark side. And, while well intentioned, the Jedi were arrogant – assuming they had actually all the ideal answers, that their rules were perfectly built and hence not up for conflict, and, in their hubris, assuming they had actually a right to whatever pertained to the Force. This is key to Anakin’s journey as he feels as if they are hiding secrets concerned the Force and potential means to conserve Padme from “particular death,” as he claims to Palpatine in Revenge of the Sith. These things around the Force they’re not informing him is one of the core factors Anakin transforms to the dark side. If Anakin is endlessly devoted to saving Padme, the Jedi are supposedly depriving him of ways to save Padme, and Palpatine is offering him a definitive means to save Padme, then it makes feeling why Anakin would rotate to the dark side, sacrificing his allegiance to the Jedi and also doing the necessary evil in order to rotate to the dark side and also learn the abilities to save Padme.

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Explaining why he proceeds to remain evil after Padme dies is the fact that Anakin feels as if he could’ve conserved Padme if the Jedi had actually told him exactly how to conserve her initially, making his allegiance via Palpatine pointmuch less. If they divulged their tricks, he could’ve conserved Padme, prevented her death and it would certainly never before have actually caused the destruction of the Jedi order. However before, Anakin believes the Jedi did not trust him. Mace often acts antagonistically towards Anakin, Yoda and others doubted his Chosen One standing and Anakin doesn’t take kindly to some of Obi-Wan’s overreaching mentoring style. Their flourishing distrust of Anakin and also his connection to Palpatine once aacquire puts Anakin at odds with himself internally, recorded in the balance between his loyalty to the Jedi and also his loyalty to Palpatine, much prefer he is recorded in between his dedication to conserving Padme and dedication to the Jedi Order. These conflicting worths and sentiments directed towards Anakin from the Jedi better emphadimension just how he turned to the dark side.



Overall, Anakin’s turn to the dark side is a multilayered procedure that needs many inference and interpretation. While the prequels could have done a far better task fleshing out Anakin’s thinking, fan interpretation and a riches of canon products considering that the prequels, consisting of The Clone Wars, have actually included to his character considerably and made his transdevelopment even more logical and reasonable. At some point, Palpatine determined Anakin from a young age as a boy powerful in the Force and one he could manipulate into being his apprtempt once he ultimately took over the galaxy. Palpatine preyed on Anakin’s deepest vulnerability, his fear of loss, and also this, coupled via currently naturally aggressive and also impulsitivity, set the stage for his transdevelopment. On the various other side of points, Anakin’s allegiance to the Jedi was dwindling as he assumed they stood in his means of saving Padme and also were wrong in their ideas about attachment, in enhancement to their visible distrust of and doubt in Anakin. This culminated in Anakin siding with Palpatine in a despeprice effort to save his wife, sacrificing many Jedi in the process in order to ensure Padme’s safety. When she died, Anakin’s personality traits and also sentiments towards the Jedi did not go ameans. He was still fearful, angry, impulsive and also he still hated the Jedi for forbidding his relationship, never truly trusting him, failing to intervene with Shmi, and avoiding him from finding out abilities that would’ve conserved Padme. In the end, this culminated in Anakin’s transformation right into Vader. Anakin’s arc is main to the Skywalker saga and also one that is really amazing to discover and also analyze. This is simply one interpretation of his journey. Tright here are many type of even more that could shed light on arguably the a lot of exciting character in Star Wars. Thanks for analysis and also may the Force be through you!