A lot of of nation hit songs room still perform today. One of those is the song “When You say Nothing at All.” This nation song to be performed through some country artists prefer Keith Whitley, Alison Krauss, and also Ronan Keating. This 2019, the song was again perform by the Canadian brother duo, limitless Summer.

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Keith Whitley’s Version

image from the Keith Whitley on facebook fan-page

Keith Whitley first recorded the song “When You to speak Nothing in ~ All” and also released it in august 1988 together a solitary from his album, Don’t Close your Eyes. ~ above its release, the track topped the Billboard Hot nation Singles chart. In 2004, the song reached number 12 on the CMT’s 100 greatest Love Songs.

Don’t Close your Eyes to be Whitley’s 2nd and critical studio album released throughout his career. The album has actually sold countless copies an international which became certified yellow in America. Thus, that has accumulated three access time on the Hot nation Singles chart, namely “Don’t Close her Eyes,” “When You to speak Nothing at All,” and also “I’m No Stranger come the Rain.”

Moreover, the song “When You say Nothing in ~ All” was considered as among the finest hit standard love songs recorded by Keith Whitley.

Alison Krauss’ Version

Alison Krauss/Photo credit: kebekmac.blogspot.com

Alison Krauss‘ version of the song “When You say Nothing in ~ All” was released in 1995 as a solitary from she album, Keith Whitley: A Tribute Album. Upon that is release, the song gotten in the nation charts, and it also won a CMA compensation for single of the Year. Thus, it became her first single to with the peak 10 nation hit songs in the 90s.

Like Whitley, Krauss’ version of the song has additionally sold thousands of copies worldwide.

“When You to speak Nothing in ~ All”

The 1980s’ standard love tune written by Paul Overstreet and also Don Schlitz. This song is still gift played over radio stations. Do you know the secret why this song never fades? that is simply the inspirational native put right into the song. The words used do not obtain out of style and everyone have the right to really relate come it.

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This 2019, the song was carry out by endless Summer. This duo is consisted of of Bob and Clint Moffatt. They were among the members of the renowned Canadian pop/rock nation band, The Moffatts. Bob and also Clint’s performance was uploaded on their YouTube channel. Their music video has gained much more than 24 million views.

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