The singer of “Love potion No. 9” through The Clovers says he went to see the gypsy v the gold-capped tooth due to the fact that he to be a flop v chicks. She potion made him fall in love with every little thing he saw:

“But once I kissed a cop under on Thirty-Fourth and VineHe broke my tiny bottle the Love potion Number Nine.”

So that goes. And so it went the the cop-kissing component caused some radio stations to half the song. “Love medicine No. 9” was created by the prolific team that Jerry Leiber and also Mike Stoller. Return there have been countless covers the the song, The Clovers, a popular and also influential R&B team from Washington, D.C., did the initial version in 1959. It got to #23 on both the Billboard hot 100 and also the R&B Chart. A little note: The album version of the track has secondary ending that the charting single did not, i beg your pardon was:

“I hadda so lot fun the I’m goin’ back again…I wonder what’d occur with Love medicine No. 10.”

Cover versions include those through The Searchers, Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, The Coasters, Alvin and also the Chipmunks, Neil Diamond, Robert Plant, AC/DC, Gary Lewis & The Playboys, Tlot Tlot, and many more. The movie American Graffiti attributes the recording by The Clovers. “Love medicine No.9” was additionally included in the Leiber and Stoller musical revue Smokey Joe’s Café.

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Here are the lyrics to “Love potion No. 9” by The Clovers:

“I take it my troubles under to madame RuthYou know that gypsy through the gold-capped toothShe’s gained a pad under on Thirty-Fourth and VineSellin’ small bottles the Love potion No. 9

I told her that ns was a flop through chicksI’ve to be this method since 1956She looked at my palm, and also she do a magic signShe said, what you require is Love potion No. 9

She bending down and turned around and gave me a winkShe said, I’m gonna do it up right here in the sinkIt smelled like turpentine, the looked choose Indian inkI hosted my nose, ns closed my eyes, i took a drink

I didn’t understand if it to be day or nightI began kissin’ whatever in sightBut when I kissed that cop under at Thirty-Fourth and also VineHe damaged my small bottle of Love potion No. 9

I organized my nose, ns closed mine eyes, i took a drink

I didn’t recognize if it was day or nightI began kissin’ every little thing in sightBut once I kissed the cop under at Thirty-Fourth and also VineHe damaged my little bottle of

Love potion No. 9Love medicine No. 9Love potion No. 9Love medicine No. 9”

For an additional song by The Clovers: “Devil or Angel.”

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