Photo: display screen grabbed indigenous Youtube We have actually featured number of songs around that heavenly place in our previous short articles here top top Country Thang Daily. Return there have been various representations given for it, we constantly end up through a typical conclusion – that a heaven is a beautiful place. Surely, it is. The thought of God being there provides us strong assurance that whatever will be every right. There will be no an ext sorrows, problems, hardships, etc. Every is pretty fine in paradise.

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Here is one more hymn to hear to that would heighten our desire to it is in in that environment-friendly pasture. It’s referred to as “I Bowed on mine Knees and also Cried, Holy.” Nettie Dudley Washington composed the text while E.M. Dudley Cantwell provided the music. Set to the tune of cry Holy, the song was published in 1977. It shows up both ~ above the new National Baptist Hymnal and the afri American heritage Hymnal.

Immersing into the Lyrics

As we song the song, we gain to experience how it feeling like when we reach heaven. The song opens up with a verse mentioning the narrator’s dream about the place. That was called as Glory and described together bright and fair together we all think it to be. Together the protagonist gone into the gates, the angels welcomed him.

In the chorus, that expresses the great feeling the had been in that place. The beautiful sight and warm welcome brought him come his knees and cried ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’. His brimming delight makes the clap his hands and also sing, ‘Glory, Glory to the child of God.’

He ongoing recounting his tourism in sky in the 2nd verse. There, that mentioned about the meeting he had with few of the prominent bible characters. However, he stated that it’s Jesus who passed away for him (and for all mankind) that he wanted to see.

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