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1942 World series
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The Gas home Gang to be no more, but in 1941 the Cardinals were ago atop the national League. That wasn"t easy, though. St. Louis winner an significant 106 games, which was just enough to organize off the Brooklyn Dodgers, that won (a team-record) 104. The Yankees winner 103 regular-season games themselves, cruising to a nine-game edge over the how amazing Boston Red Sox. The World series opened in St. Louis, but it to be the Cardinals who appeared jittery together the Yankees scored 7 runs, four of castle unearned. The Redbirds didn"t score until the bottom that the ninth, once they tallied four to at the very least make the video game interesting. Catcher pedestrian Cooper gave the Cardinals a 2-0 lead with a two-out, two-run double in the an initial inning of game 2, and also St. Louis organized on for a 4-3 success to even the Series. Game 3 in Yankee stadion was the Ernie White Show, as the left-hander minimal the Bombers to six hits and zero operation in ripe innings. The Cards manufactured single runs in the 2nd and ninth frames come account for every the scoring, St. Louis taking the 2-1 decision and also a 2-1 command in the Series. Video game 4 looked like one more Cardinal success early, together the Redbirds explosive for 6 runs in the fourth inning. Yet the Yanks struck earlier with five of their own in the sixth, highlighted by Charlie Keller"s three-run blast right into the right-field stands. The made the score 6-6, but St. Luigi scored twice in the seventh and once an ext in the 9th on their way to a 9-6 decision. Video game 5 was deadlocked at two runs apiece after eight innings v starters Johnny Beazley (St. Louis) and also Red Ruffing (New York) having gone all the way. In the height of the ninth, pedestrian Cooper led off with a single, and also was sacrificed to 2nd base by Johnny Hopp. Whitey Kurowski, hoping because that a run-scoring single, instead homered simply inside the left-field foul pole. The made it 4-2, and Beazley escaped a no-out, two-on jam in the bottom of the 9th to clinch the human being championship because that St. Louis. .
1942 - St. Louis Cardinals (4) vs. New York Yankees (1)
Game Date Winning Team Losing Team
1 Sep. 30 new York (Ruffing) 7 ST. Luigi (M. Cooper) 4
2 Oct. 1 ST. Luigi (Beazley) 4 New York (Bonham) 3
3 Oct. 3 St. Louis (White) 2 NEW YORK (Chandler) 0
4 Oct. 4 St. Luigi (Lanier) 9 NEW YORK (Donald) 6
5 Oct. 5 St. Louis (Beazley) 4 NEW YORK (Ruffing) 2 Managers -- Billy Southworth, Cardinals; Joe McCarthy, Yankees
Notes: St. Luigi pitcher Johnny Beazley won two games, pitching 18 innings v a 2.50 ERA. ... Phil Rizzuto led all regulars through a .381 average. ... It was the first Series setback for the Yankees because 1926.