Rascal Flatts are all set to film the video for 'Easy,' v British pop star Natasha Bedingfield -- who recorded the track with lock -- joining castle in Nashville for the shoot.

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"That's their following single, and we're in reality going to perform their video clip in about two weeks," Natasha speak The Boot. "I love them! It's for this reason interesting because they are more country, they have actually that nation flavor, and also I to be so amazed in ~ how nation musicians value real music. It has been great to work with them."

Natasha is travel to the U.S. Come launch the next leg of her less Is much more tour, and she's looking front to working with the trio who each "have their own distinct personality," she says. In fact, the singer hints that she plans come write with Flatts bassist/piano player Jay DeMarcus and also perhaps document with the band again.

On her present tour, Natasha says she is adopting nation music's stripped-down approach that moves away from glamor and also glitter and focuses an ext on the music. That's miscellaneous she and Kelly Clarkson bonded over as soon as they met at the may 7 Coca-Cola 125th Anniversary solemn event in Atlanta.

"We both looked at every other and also said, 'We have to do miscellaneous together. We just have to sing something," states Natasha. "She's got an exceptional voice ... She has obtained pipes, that girl. Once she sings, she is very emotional. You feel her singing an extremely deep inside."

"If something offers me goosebumps, I want to acquire involved," she says. "I simply knew I can sing that song since I love what it is about. A the majority of things in life world think are simple aren't easy. The subject and also song space so deep, and everyone has been with a break up and also trying to make it look easy. Everyone deserve to relate come that."

Natasha is at this time in Munich, Germany, and doesn't yet recognize all the video details. Based upon recording v the trio, though, she expects to have actually plenty that fun.

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"It was cool," she states of recording 'Easy.' "I don't usually occupational with that many people approximately in the studio, yet they had numerous guests. There were renowned football players and also a whole crew. That was yes, really a lot of fun.

"In the next five or 10 years you'll most likely see a folk-country album from me, and also a run project," Natasha continues. "I want to work with a lot much more artists. Music is movement, specifically nowadays through the internet. There is so lot talent the end there. I simply really want to carry it all together and also do music with other world rather 보다 make it about one person."