Who is creating the letters and also why?
Robert Walton is composing from St. Petersburg come his sister, Margaret Saville in England to assure her the he is safe.

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What has actually Robert Walton been doing for the last six years?He has been top a seafarer's life
What space Robert's ambitions?to discover new lands or unknown routes resulting in the countries near the pole
Why go Robert great Margaret the ideal in life?He is fear he will not view her again because he must endure hardships at sea. He is top to the phibìc Pole which is sunny however bitterly cold
When is the first letter written?In the month that December
When is the 2nd letter written?In March ~ Robert has actually hired a vessel and also is busy organizing sailors because that his expedition
What is Robert longing for?A girlfriend to re-publishing the joys and sorrows that his success or disappointment
Why does Robert admire the lieutenent he has actually employed?His great qualities and also describes exactly how the lieutenant has once please in love v a Russian lady that he want to marry however never did since she was in love v somebody else. He left his money come her and also her husband for this reason they can get married.
How go the 2nd letter different from the first?Robert is watched as rather depressed her in comparison to his enthusiastic and excited sailor in letter 1.
How is Robert's feeling of loneliness comparable to the protagonist of the story?Victor was rather lonely at his time at the university once nobody about him echoed his romantic aspirations.
How go the lieutenant and also Robert portray feminine traits linked with Romantic literature?Both the them room kind-hearted and not most likely to resort to violence also in the brutal setting of sea life.
What go Robert typical when he guarantees the he will certainly "kill no albatross"?It originates from one the his favourite poems, Rime that the ancient Mariner in which the death of an albatross has actually dire consequences. One have the right to identify Robert through the ancient mariner who started out like any inexperienced sailor however ended up a wiser man as result of his curiosity about mysterious things.
When is the 3rd letter written?In July, four months after ~ the 2nd one.
How go the 3rd letter reach his sister?through a seller who is tied homeward indigenous Archangel
Why is Robert proud that his guys in the 3rd letter?Because they carry out not permit minor risks like floating sheets of ice deter them.
How walk the atmosphere of the fourth letter differ from the various other three?The very first three letters have actually shades that sadness, pessimism, and also uncertainty. In this letter, Robert is excited to have met a friend that he has longed because that (Victor)
What problem is Victor in?He is really worn under by fatigue and had to be persuaded to get in the vessel rather than die exterior in the cold.
Why is Robert impressed v Victor?his love the nature, remarkable capability to refer himself, penetrating observations.
Why go Victor attempt to dissuade Robert from pursuing his plans?He wants to stop him indigenous heading down the dorn path, a course which he had actually chosen for himself in the past.
How walk Robert satisfy the monster?His ship became stranded ~ above ice and he observed a gigantic man ~ above a sled pushed by dogs.

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Why is Victor choose the hero of the Coleridge's ancient Mariner?He started his life full of enthusiasm yet has wearied of all this curiosity and is a sadder man similar to the hero of the poem.