American professional motorsports competitor and stunt performer Travis Pastrana is a legendary Motorsports competitor who winner 10 gold medals in ~ the X games for rally racing, supercross, and freestyle motocross.

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What age is Travis Pastrana?

Travis Pastrana to be born on 8th October 1983 in Annapolis, Maryland in the United claims of America. He was born under the sun sign of Libra. Travis hold American nationality and is that white ethnic background. His full birth surname is Travis Alan Pastrana. His father’s surname is Robert Pastrana and Debby Pastrana is the name of his mother.

Caption Travis Pastrana childhood picture (Photo: Google Sites)

He is just the son in the family. He does not have any kind of siblings. Currently, Pastrana is 36 year old. His childhood was an extremely awesome because he flourished up in a loving environment. Pastrana was a excellent student as well and earned great grades in school. After that, he sought his higher studies at the ‘University the Maryland’.

How lot is Travis Pastrana net Worth?

Travis Pastrana has actually earned a hefty amount of earnings from his uprising career. According to the celebrity net worth, he has an approximated net worth of an ext than $25 million. He has not expose the information regarding his yearly salary it rotates now. It looks like it is quiet under review and will be updated soon.

caption: Travis Pastrana photo with his vehicle (Photo: Pinterest)

The primary source of earnings is from his career as an American professional motorsports competitor and also stunt performer. Together of now, Travis Pastrana is life a great and luxurious life indigenous the income he received from his professional career. In the comes days his network worth, as well as his annual salary, will certainly surely rise up. The has properly lived his life together a an excellent stuntman and also racer.

What is the height of Travis Pastrana?

Who is the mam of Travis Pastrana?

Talking about the partnership status of Travis Pastrana is a happy married man. Also, he is a superb husband and superb dad come his wife and children. That tied the marital relationship knot to his long-time lover girlfriend, Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins.

By profession, his wife Lyn-Z is a expert skateboarder who made her video game debut together a ska in Tony Hawks task 8. Prior to getting right into the partnership Hawkins and also Travis to be very great friends. In the year 2011 Travis proposed come Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins throughout a live power of Nitro Circus.

Caption: Travis Pastrana v his mam Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins and also daughters (Photo; Heavy)

In the very same year, the pair got married in southerly California ~ above October 29 in a little ceremony that had actually friends and also family in attendance. From their marriage, the pair welcomed their first baby girl top top September 2, 2013. Addy Pastrana is the name of your beautiful daughter.

After 2 years on February 9, 2015, they had actually their second child. Bristol Murphy Pastrana is the name of their 2nd daughter. Together of now, the lovely pair has been living happily ever after in Davidsonville, Maryland. It appears that everything is going very well because that the couple.

Professional job of Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana began his career as an American experienced motorsports competitor and also stunt performer.In the year 2003, he opened up a rallying career in the gyeongju of Champions and began driving because that the Subaru-backed vermont SportsCar rally team in 2004.In the year 2007, his longtime co-driver Edstrom had announced a sabbatical to concentration on his career and also family.

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Caption: Travis Pastrana reflecting bike stunt (Photo: capital Gazette)After that, he competed at the 2006 race of champion at the Stade de France in Paris top top December 16, 2006.