Bonus Round: Bloodlusted complete 100% Frieza and Final type Cooler vs Future Trunks

Edit: The struggle is taking place Pre DBS for this reason no DBS Frieza powerups, just Namek Saga Frieza and Movie Cooler.

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Goes come Freeza. Goku in base type was fighting decently also with Cooler pre-transformation. Assuming he's a little stronger from, to speak a post-Namek zenkai, climate that'd placed him approximately 3,000,000~ in PL. Ns take that by Final type you median 50% strength which would give Freeza 60,000,000. Freeza wins here.

This goes come Cooler. Cooler brags about himself being able to go one transformation greater than his brother, and also Goku literally states his ki is greater than Freeza's..

Trunks loses. Trunks wasn't enough above Namek son ogong to imply he could take top top Cooler and also Freeza.

Your bonus ring is wrong. Trunks shitstomped a stronger version the Frieza and his dad who is presumably fairly close to him. No way is Cooler solid enough to make that lot of a difference.

Round 1: i think final form frieza bring away it due to him having an ext feats than cooler. (If you're including DB supervisor final kind frieza he stomps. Also, I'm no confusing yellow frieza with final form, i just believe the reality that frieza can go gold and match through SS god SSshould be sufficient to take it cooler out)

Round 2: frieza stomps. Throughout the fight in between SS son ogong he had actually actually hurt goku and put increase a little bit of a fight. If cooler was utterly helpless. Meta-cooler would be a more fair fight. (Again i still think final type frieza would certainly stomp meta-cooler if you're counting super)

Bonus round: if no counting DB super frieza trunks stomps no dispute while if friend are including both DB supervisor trunks and also frieza,trunks stomps due to the fact that we aren't doing gold frieza.

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Oops should've stated this would be set pre DBS.

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I think Frieza beats round 1. If Frieza deserve to buff approximately 100% it's more than likely fair to say Cooler deserve to do the same. Now there is no method of understanding how strong Cooler's 100% would be, or just how much the his strength he used versus Goku.

Goku had been displayed to be capable of fighting in Kaioken there is no anyone various other than King Kai noticing. Therefore base son ogong vs basic Cooler could have viewed him be at Kaioken x every little thing for all we know.

However, Cooler admitted the Frieza had actually the top hand until Cooler discovered a additional transformation. Every little thing the 'upper hand' means is subjective. Walk Frieza have a couple of million end Cooler, or a couple of tens the millions?

Either way, Frieza need to take this.

Round 2, i can't check out Cooler losing. No only have to he have a fairly big advantage in strength levels, the didn't seem to have the stamina involves from the 100% strength up. With Cooler it's a change that have the right to handle Cooler's 100% and also more.

The bonus round could go to the two brothers. There's no way of learning who is stronger between Trunks and also Cooler. But Trunks would need to be a fair amount more powerful than Cooler to win versus the two of them.

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Mecha Frieza was claimed to be also stronger than before, yet we don't recognize what the meant. We should clear up the specifics. Was Mecha Frieza at that point operating at complete power and also thus was thought about stronger 보다 100% Frieza? Or was Frieza only at choose 50% and also a great deal listed below 100 million when he to be killed?

We don't know that. And we don't know how much more powerful Trunks was than Goku on Namek.