It’s time for some Wildcat alumni come return to east High. Thanks to the Disney+ original series, a brand-new cast of personalities are putting on a production at this high school. However, there space a couple of cameos native the original actors of High college Musical. In case you let go it, here’s the actress who had actually her very own dance moment during the “What Team” illustration of High school Musical: The Musical: The Series.

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This write-up contains spoilers from High institution Musical: The Musical: The Series!


‘High institution Musical: The Musical: The Series’ actors for Disney+, The Walt Disney Company’s streaming business | troy Harvey via Getty Images

The recent episode the ‘High college Musical: The Musical: The Series’ is licensed has been granted ‘What Team?’

It’s not always easy being in a high college musical production. There room the sets, the costumes, the lengthy rehearsals, and the drama. Throughout the illustration of High school Musical: The Musical: The Series, licensed has been granted “What Team,” these students learned something quite shocking about their drama teacher — she may have actually embellished she resume. Like, a lot.

As a result, miss Jenn had actually to show up before the institution board, who would decision if she could keep her job. The college student of the drama department didn’t take it this news fine and, to prove their love for this teacher, lock performed “Truth, Justice and Songs in our Key” in front of the college board. One board member, in particular, was supportive of your love because that singing and also dancing.

The dancing diva herself, Martha Cox, appeared in an illustration of ‘High school Musical: The Musical: The Series’

Once a wildcat, always a wildcat. That uses for actors of the initial High college Musical movies, who will apparently be popping up throughout this Disney+ original. One actress already danced her way into this series, appearing as among the human being on the school board — Kaycee Stroh, who shown the dance-enthusiast, Martha.

Although she had a little part, this actress did get the chance to pop and also lock, jam and break. Through the included support that the continuing to be school board members, miss out on Jenn gained to keep her task as the drama teacher. However, Kaycee Stroh is no the only alumni walking the halls of east High during this season that High college Musical: The Musical: The Series.

We’re no being overdramatic as soon as we speak THIS IS A RED ALERT. Miss out on Jenn’s project is ~ above the line in illustration 6 of #HSMTMTS, currently streaming ~ above #DisneyPlus.

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Kaycee Stroh is no the only ‘High college Musical’ cast member supposedly making an appearance in this series

Other Wildcat alumni will certainly be go the halls of eastern High again. That contains Lucas Grabeel, who portrayed Ryan Evans in the original High school Musical movies. Follow to Broadway World, “The 18th tune on the tracklist for the an initial season is title ‘Role of a Lifetime’ and also it is sung by series star Kate Reinders, that plays miss Jenn, featuring Lucas Grabeel.”

Reportedly, the completed series soundtrack premieres on most streaming platforms on Jan. 10, 2020. Till then, fans can look forward to more surprise cameos native former-Wildcat actors members.

New illustration of High institution Musical: The Musical: The Series premiere on Disney+ most Fridays. Come learn more about this streaming platform and to subscribe, visit their website.