It looks choose Chrissy Lampkin is in hot water through her fiancé’s mother, Nancy “Mama” Jones.

It’s no secret Lampkin and also Mama Jones have a rocky relationship. In a current interview the “Love and Hip Hop: brand-new York” mother shown she and also Lampkin were still not on good terms.

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“We’re top top no terms,” Mama Jones told world TV’s “Reality Check” series in a current interview. “It’s no terms, it’s simply there. She’s there, and also that’s about it.”

Nancy “Mama” Jones (left) and also Jim Jones and his fiancée Chrissy Lampkin (right). (Photos:

Lampkin additionally claimed in among the latest episodes the “LHHNY” the she purposely keeps her street from her prospective mother-in-law.

“I don’t have one v her,” Lampkin claimed on the show. “His mother isn’t happy for united state so ns separated myself.”

Lampkin and brand-new York rapper Jim Jones have date off and also on for practically 16 years. The pair have been involved for nearly a decade however have yet to do it under the aisle. Lampkin newly admitted that gaining married come the Dipset rapper is no much longer a priority the hers and also claimed she’s happy through the way their relationship as is.

Mama Jones, however, slapped down Lampkin’s remarks and claimed Lampkin’s id that she’s not happy because that her and Jim was false.

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“That’s no true,” Mama Jones told people TV. “That’s all in her mind. … What it is is, specific things as whereby it’s like, me together a mother, I kind of expect specific things.Whereas her, coming right into the family, she’s no really family-orientated prefer that. A little much more or much less disrespectful and also on the disrespectful side in the direction of me. So ns don’t placed up with too lot nonsense. Ns am the form of person where as soon as I see things — and I love mine son and I recognize that’s who he loves — therefore whomever the loves i’m going to have to love.”

Jim and Lampkin don’t currently have any type of children together. Although Lampkin isn’t bending on acquiring married anymore, the rapper claimed he wants to. His mother, however, doesn’t see it happening.

“I wouldn’t say far better than her, yet I’m not for the marriage thing,” Mama Jones added. “Even though they’ve been together for a lengthy time, they’re still not ready. Sorry.”

Fans required to social media to offer their mixed reactions.

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