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Asher looks favor everyone else in the community.

most of the citizens of the ar look alike. We room not sure specifically what they look like, yet we know that they have actually dark eyes and also pink skin tones. Castle all also dress alike and have the exact same "neatly trimmed" hair...

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Asher looks choose everyone else in the community.

Most that the citizens of the ar look alike. We room not sure exactly what lock look like, but we recognize that they have actually dark eyes and pink skin tones. Castle all additionally dress alike and also have the exact same "neatly trimmed" hair in a "manly quick style i beg your pardon exposed their ears." there is no color, for this reason they every wear the same nondescript tunics and jackets. For older children, the jackets button down the front. Asher’s number is Four, so he was among the an initial children in your year to it is in born. This way he could be a little bigger 보다 the other youngsters his age.

Asher is playful and clumsy. He stands out from his community not by his looks, however by his personality. The mixes up words, fall balls, and gets distracted. Jonas is concerned around what assignment he will get in the awareness of Twelve, because he does not seem to have an adult bone in his body.

"I problem a tiny about Asher"s Assignment," Jonas confessed. "Asher"s such fun. But the doesn"t yes, really have any type of serious interests. He provides a video game out of everything." (Ch. 2)

His parents tell him that the elders recognize Asher, and that they will figure out what to do with him. The community’s score is to provide each kid with an assignment that fits his or her personality.

In a neighborhood that demands conformity, Asher stands out. Jonas stands out for physics reasons, because of his light eyes. Asher, top top the various other hand, was standing out because of his goofy behavior. The neighborhood prefers for everyone to plot properly and in a state of finish control. Asher was beaten once he was younger for using the wrong words. The suffer traumatized that so much that that actually stopped talking for a duration of time.

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Jonas considers Asher’s behavior “lively foolishness.” that does no take that seriously. Asher is preferred to be the Assistant director of Recreation, therefore he can proceed to play all of the time. The job is a good fit. ~ the assignments, Jonas and also Asher room not as close. No one yes, really knows what to think that Jonas’s assignment.