bother Potter: Every Yule round Couple, Ranked by Compatibility The couples the the Yule sphere in bother Potter and also the Goblet of Fire weren"t every winners. We"ve ranked them by how compatible lock were.

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The Yule Ball hosted at Hogwarts one of the couple of moments native the Harry Potter series where the characters get a chance to focus on romance and also celebration. When the Yule ball is an alleged to it is in a dance where the older hogwarts students have the right to enjoy spending time together and dating, there ends up being rather a little bit of teenage drama. Most of the couples in ~ the Yule round don’t end up together in the end, yet still, part are more compatible 보다 others.

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Here is every Yule Ball pair ranked by exactly how compatible lock are.

among the most painful couples to read about interacting in ~ the Yule sphere is Ron and Padma. Ron just really bring away her as a critical resort, and she only really agrees come go v him after ~ being motivated to carry out so. So, neither one is the interested in the other. Ron spends the whole time moping around and also being jealousy that Hermione no go v him. Padma definitely deserved a much better date than this. Even if in the Cursed Child they end up married in an alternate reality, this right makes any kind of sense given their short compatibility.

Draco Malfoy and Pansy Parkinson could kind of day through lot of their time in ~ Hogwarts, but it"s’ clear that Draco was never ever that into her. She plainly was way more right into the idea 보다 he was, and this is likely why they nothing actually end up staying together. Instead, he ends up marrying a woman named Astoria Greengrass. That clear the romance wasn’t really in the air with these 2 at the dance.

Seamus Finnigan and Lavender Brown might go to the Yule round together, yet there no much focus on them therefore it’s hard to know how the date went. They nothing seem to be super compatible given that they nothing seem to have dated afterward. And, Lavender end up dating Ron throughout their 6th year. So, most likely it was simply an average date with nothing majorly wrong however no sparks.

7 bother Potter and also Parvati Patil

Harry end up going come the Yule sphere with Parvati after Cho Chang turns him down because she’s currently going through Cedric. Parvati is by every accounts a pretty and popular girl, and also these two can have at least had actually a quite time.

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However, Harry became a really bad date. He spent a good portion of the moment moping around the truth that Cho didn’t go v him. The a shame because at the really least castle probably might have gotten along for one night, but Harry was being quite immature.

Fleur and Roger Davies room a pair that it seems ~ to have a good time during the Yule Ball even if they don’t have actually long hatchet compatibility. They are both attractive and also popular people, and they spend part of the run making out exterior in the courtyard, so over there was some chemistry there. When it could not it is in a love connection seeing as exactly how Fleur starts dating Bill Weasley not lengthy after, they were compatible sufficient to enjoy the day together and have funny kissing.

5 Neville Longbottom and Ginny Weasley

Neville and also Ginny can not it is in compatible in a romantic way, however they are definitely compatible together friends. Ginny goes v Neville since that’s the only means she have the right to go because she’s no a 4th year yet. If she definitely doesn’t have actually romantic feelings for him, and Neville is still in ~ a somewhat awkward stage, these two are friends. Castle would have actually at least had a decent time and also been kind to one another.

Fred asks Angelina to the ball in a rather abrupt manner, yet she doesn’t seem come mind too much. These two were already friends because they were in the same year and both play on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. They seem quite compatible and like they would certainly make a an excellent pair. However, it’s in reality George who marries Angelina, and also there’s no a lot of indication ever given as to whether Angelina preferred Fred or George more.

3 Hagrid and Olympe Maxime

Hagrid and also Madame Maxime aren’t specifically officially dating during the time the the Yule Ball, however it’s clear the there is part romantic attention there.

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They are one of the few Yule ball couples who have some romantic relationship after the fact also if it doesn’t critical long. These 2 are more compatible together friends than as romantic partners, however they do end up having a good connection.

Of every the couples at the Yule Ball, these 2 are one of the most tragic. They room both very talented, smart, beautiful, and also popular, and also they seem to acquire along quite well. When Cho additionally seemed to have actually a little bit of a crush on Harry, she was additionally quite compatible with Cedric. However, due to the fact that Cedric died, Cho and also he never acquired the possibility to see exactly how compatible lock were. This was definitely something extremely sad, and it affected Cho emotionally as she grieved his loosened the following year.

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1 Hermione Granger and Viktor Krum

Hermione Granger and also Viktor Krum can not end up together, however there’s definitely an argument to be made the they would have actually been a far better pair than Ron and also Hermione. She has actually a great time on their day until Ron throw a fit end it, and Krum seems to be an extremely interested and also kind to her. While in later publications they collection it as much as make Krum look prefer a bit much more of a jerk, at the very least at the Yule sphere he to be a an excellent match because that Hermione. They obtained along well, and he didn’t lash the end at her in the same methods that Ron did.

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