A movie or a few episodes based off of kakashi's childhood showing more of his father would be good. Always wanted to see more Sakumo

I’d like to learn more about Kakashi’s mother too. Sakumo mentions her in his last words to Kakashi and I’m just thinking, “Well, what’s she like??”

They addressed it in the anime, they can do it in the movie, at least this way, you'd have more understanding and empathy of where he came from (although you get a touch of the explanation in Naruto) if they really wanted to keep it PG could even tell his story up until Kakashi is born and finish there.

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There should be more movies period. The anime has ended, I think it's the perfect opportunity to just pump out movies about many characters who didn't get much screentime. They're sitting on so much untapped potential. Give us more legacy Naruto stuff!

And also, bring back Rock Lee Gaiden. That show was funny in every single way, an actual genius move.

I still think they should do like a Anbu black ops show, like the same way they made Mandolorian so badass, they could make it the same way.

That can be said for almost any dead character. Why give an episode to a character whose only had 3 mins of screen-time? His only role in the series was to be Kakashi’s dad.

Because they don't know much about him other than his loyalty, his supposed infamy and being Kakashi's fatther. If anything I don't think filler would even do him justice in portraying.

Some people say that he was at the level of the 3 legendary konoha sannin, so yeah that would be awesome

Add that to the list of stuff we want. The list just keeps getting longer, just off the top of my head of stuff I want to see.

Young Hiruzen, Hiruzen hokage days

sannin stuff

Minato stuff

Hashirama and Tobirama hokage days

Inoshikacho parents stuff

Chunin Exams more of these please, previous , present ,future

The entire compilation of Guy and Kakashi rivalry which will show the win score up to current date. It could also be in the style of Rock Lee spinoff

More Chunin exams would be great. I missed forest of death in Boruto. I get that it's peace time so they're less like 'a third of you will probably die', but imo the darkness makes the urgency of decision making feel more real.

Yes, how can you say that he was stronger than legendary sanins and then literally show nothing about him

I always wandered how this man fought his battles if he made the 3 legendary sanin pale in comparison.

The flashbacks in the episodes were for the tv watchers, they were bound to forget some things as the anime went on for years... Also I know that the flashbacks were sometimes from very recent episodes but the prime reason was the above mentioned only.

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Everything related to the Naruto and Boruto series goes here. Although you could also talk about the topping too.