Visual help component which accompanies a picture to carry out further meaning is the caption.

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The caption refers come the words put up underneath a picture to describe what the photo is about. That is likewise known as cutline which in couple of lines intricate the photo.

For example,

On a photo, inscription stated "Lyla"s an initial birthday."

The caption over helps in identifying what the picture is about and if observed without a inscription it becomes daunting to show the occasion or situation.

D) Caption.

Explanation: A visual assist is things of illustrative matter, such together a film, slide, model, etc, designed to supplement composed or talked information so that it have the right to be understood an ext easily. A subtitle is a title or brief explanation accompanying one illustration, cartoon, or poster. For this reason the visual assist component that can provide further an interpretation to a photograph is the corresponding to alternative D: A caption.

μ¯x = 36.4 ft

σ¯x = 4.02

Step-by-step explanation:

μ = 36.4 ft

σ = 39.6 ft

n = 97 trees

The median of a sampling circulation will it is in the mean of the population/probability distribution. For this reason in this example, it would certainly be 36.4 feet.

μ¯x = μ = 36.4 ft

The typical deviation that the sampling distribution, what is additionally referred come as typical error, is the traditional deviation the the population/probability distribution divided by the square source of the sample dimension (n). For this reason in this example, it would be 39.6 divided by the square root of 97:

σ¯x = σ / √n ⇒ σ¯x = 39.6 / √97 = 4.02

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1 is A, scale, and 2 is B, legend


The scale shows comparison, for example an inch may be 500 miles

The legend is a crate which can show the a dotted heat is a flow on a map.

Hope this help you.

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95% trust interval estimate of μ, the median procrastination scale for second-year students at this terval university is <39.34 , 42.66>.

Step-by-step explanation:

We are offered that because that the 69 second-year students in the study at the university, the sample median procrastination score to be 41.00 and also the sample conventional deviation to be 6.89.

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Firstly, the pivotal quantity for 95% confidence interval for the true average is provided by;

P.Q. =



= sample typical procrastination score = 41

s = sample conventional deviation = 6.89

n = sample of student = 69

= populace mean estimate

Here for creating 95% to trust interval we have actually used One-sample t check statistics due to the fact that we don"t recognize about population standard deviation.

So, 95% trust interval for the true mean, is ;

P(-1.9973 Tooey6225

So ~ above this case the 95% trust interval would certainly be offered by (35.502;38.698) seconds

Step-by-step explanation:

Previous concepts

A trust interval is "a selection of values that’s most likely to incorporate a population value with a specific degree that confidence. That is often expressed a % whereby a population method lies in between an upper and lower interval".

The margin the error is the range of values listed below and over the sample statistic in a trust interval.

Normal distribution, is a "probability circulation that is symmetric around the mean, showing that data close to the typical are an ext frequent in occurrence than data far from the mean".

represent the sample median for the sample

populace mean (variable that interest)

s=6.45 represent the sample conventional deviation

n represent the sample size

Confidence interval

The to trust interval for the mean is offered by the complying with formula:


In order to calculate the crucial value

we have to find first the degrees of freedom, offered by:


Since the trust is 0.95 or 95%, the worth of

and also
, and also we have the right to use excel, a calculator or a table to find the an important value. The excel command would certainly be: "=-T.INV(0.025,64)".And we see that

Now we have everything in order come replace right into formula (1):

So top top this instance the 95% trust interval would be offered by (35.502;38.698) seconds