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A. assigning IP addresses to neighborhood clients B. copying update IOS photos to Cisco switches C. resolving names in your ar D. forwarding name resolution requests come an external DNS server E. transferring split horizon traffic in between zones

A. With a network broad mask the, each user interface does not call for an IP address. B. With a network broad mask the, each user interface does require an IP resolve on a distinctive IP subnet. C. With a network broad mask of, should be a class 2 an equipment for the computers to interact with each other. D. With a network large mask the, should be a layer 3 maker for the pcs to interact with each other. E. With a network vast mask that, each interface does not call for an IP address.

i beg your pardon two jobs does a router perform when it obtain a packet the is being forwarded indigenous one network to another? (Choose two.)

A. It clears the class 2 framework header and also trailer B. It encapsulates the class 2 packet C. It removes the class 3 structure header and also trailer D. It examines the routing table for the ideal path come the location IP resolve of the packet E. It examines the MAC address table for the forwarding interface

traction DROP -Drag and drop the application protocols indigenous the left ~ above the deliver protocols that is offers on the right.Select and Place:



Which 3 encapsulation great in the OSI model are linked into the TCP/IP application layer? (Choose three)

A. When you absence the appropriate resources to deal with the issue. B. When a more urgent concern that needs your treatment is detected C. When you have gathered all accessible information about an concern D. When you have been unable to solve the worry after 30 min
A. Its date airplane router traffic for a single VI one over 2 or an ext switches B. It supplies multiple subinterfaces of a solitary interface come encapsulate traffic for different VLANs on the very same subnet C. It calls for the aboriginal VLAN to be disabled D. It uses multiple subinterfaces that a single interface to encapsulate website traffic for various VLANs.

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A. to enable intra-enterprise interaction B. to implement NAT C. to attach applications D. to conserve global address room E. to control routing overhead