::/0Refer come curriculum topic: 1.3.3The IPv6 attend to and prefix because that a default static course is ::/0. This represents every zeros in the deal with and a prefix length of zero.

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ROM contains diagnostics executed on hardware modules.Flash storage does not lose its contents during a reboot.Refer come curriculum topic: 1.1.1A router consists of four types of memory:RAM - volatile memory supplied to keep the to run IOS, running configuration file, routing table, ARP table, as well as serve together a packet bufferROM - nonvolatile memory supplied to organize a restricted version of the IOS, bootup instructions, and straightforward diagnostic softwareNVRAM - nonvolatile memory provided to host the startup configuration fileFlash - nonvolatile memory provided to organize the IOS and other device files
to front network website traffic to remote networksRefer come curriculum topic: 1.1.1One that the an easy functions of a router is to connect different networks. Each interface on a router belongs come a various network. LAN gadgets can be connected through switches. Packet delivery, packet delivery status, and also acknowledgments are features of the deliver layer.
DRefer come curriculum topic: 1.3.4Each course in a routing table has actually a password that identifies just how the course was learned by the router. The password letter D is offered to recognize routes that room learned with EIGRP.
It enables a router come share information around known networks with various other routers.Refer to curriculum topic: 1.3.4
They require manual reconfiguration come accommodate network changes.They are figured out in the routing table with the prefix S.Refer to curriculum topic: 1.3.3
the IP address of another routerRefer come curriculum topic: 1.1.2Even despite a gateway of last resort can be one IP attend to of an ISP router, this go not need to be the case. A gateway of last resort, as watched in a Cisco routing table, is just the IP deal with that is provided to route packets handle to networks not explicitly listed in the routing table. A Windows-based computer system uses the term default gateway, no gateway of last resort.
to configure the routerRefer to curriculum topic: 1.1.2The showed port is a USB port the is discovered on part Cisco router models. This USB port provides console access to the router, i m sorry allows access to the CLI for construction purposes. The pale blue background behind the icon is additionally the standard shade that is provided on Cisco gadgets to show a console connection.
A new junior network intern associate a laptop come an accessibility layer switch in the wiring closet. After configuring a terminal emulation program, the intern presses the get in key, and also the S1_ATC_E2> notice appears. What might have been done to better protect the switch?
Create a console password.Refer come curriculum topic: 1.1.3Configuring the console line through a password needs the password to it is in entered before the switch prompt can be accessed. A banner is only a warning message. The enable mystery command encrypts the permit password. The organization password-encryption command protects all passwords from gift seen when the present running-configuration command is used.
Load balancing permits a router to front packets end multiple courses to the same destination network.Unequal cost load balancing is sustained by EIGRP.Refer come curriculum topic: 1.2.2
During the procedure of encapsulation, just how does the PC recognize if the packet is destined because that a hold on a remote network?
by performing the and operation ~ above the location IP address and its own subnet maskRefer to curriculum topic: 1.2.1When a PC requirements to encapsulate a structure to send a data packet, it first performs an and operation with its own IP and also subnet mask, which returns the network address. Climate it performs another and also operation utilizing the location IP and also the very same subnet mask. By to compare the two and operations results, the pc knows if the destination is on the local LAN or top top a remote network.
Which feature on a Cisco router patent the forwarding of web traffic for which there is no certain route?
gateway of last resortRefer to curriculum topic: 1.2.2A default static route is provided as a gateway of last resort to front unknown location traffic come a next hop/exit interface. The next-hop or departure interface is the location to send website traffic to ~ above a network after the web traffic is suitable in a router. The route resource is the ar a course was learned from.
When a router learns the multiple paths are easily accessible to a destination network native the same routing protocol, which aspect is considered by a router to select the finest path to front a packet?
the lowest metricRefer come curriculum topic: 1.2.2When a router learns that multiple paths are obtainable to a destination network native the same routing protocol, the path with the lowest metric is put right into the routing table to forward packets toward that network.
The output of the present ip path command has the following entry:S <1/0> via worth is shown by the 1 in the <1/0> part of the output?
administrative distanceRefer to curriculum topic: 1.2.2In the routing table entry, S <1/0> via, the numbers inside the bracket suggest the bureaucratic distance and also metric respectively.

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Here is a attach to the PT ActivityOpen the PT Activity. Carry out the jobs in the activity instructions and then prize the question.When PC0 pings the net server, i beg your pardon MAC resolve is the source MAC address in the structure from R2 come the web server?
0001.C972.4202Refer come curriculum topic: 1.2.1In the segment in between R2 and the internet Server, once R2 encapsulates a structure to be sent out to the net server, R2 offers the MAC attend to of its user interface that is directly linked to the segment, Fa0/1, as the resource MAC.
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