Which statement best describes Rousseau’s view of the relationship between governments and also the civil liberties of the people? A.If federal governments are to stay in power, they must protect the rights of at least some of their citizens.B.When federal governments are developed with the consent that the people, the world are an ext likely to retain their natural rights.C.Governments should act as a paternal, or father figure, who sole duty is to protect culture from chaos.D.Governments should only defend the rights of the majority, since it is the bulk of citizens that provide the government its power and authority.
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statement B ideal describes Rousseau"s views.

In The social Contract , Rousseau posited that people, once they stayed in the state that nature, were not corrupt. Instead, that was society that corrupted them, an especially the compete for product wealth. In his view, society created inequalities that were unnatural. Prior to...

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Statement B best describes Rousseau"s views.

In The society Contract, Rousseau posited the people, as soon as they remained in the state that nature, were not corrupt. Instead, the was culture that corrupted them, particularly the compete for product wealth. In his view, society created inequalities that were unnatural. Before the French Revolution, France to be a very unequal culture with an increasingly desperate working-class and also a willfully remote aristocracy. For Rousseau and other knowledge figures, this situation was untenable. 

Rousseau thought that a government formed by renowned sovereignty, or v the consent that the people, would certainly be many sustainable in the long-term.

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Rousseau had a optimistic view of human being nature. Top top the other hand, thomas Hobbes had a negative view. Explain C ideal reflects Hobbes"s watch as described in Leviathan. He thought that, there is no a strong monarch, citizen would offer in to your worst instincts. 

However, neither Hobbes no one Rousseau favored the abandonment of minorities. It to be a government"s responsibility, whether it it is in a well-known sovereignty or a monarchy, to defend the interests of all citizens.