Which heat in the chart below contains correct information worrying synthesis?Row1.Building BlocksBuilding block glucose moleculesSubstance Synthesized making use of the structure Blocks DNARow2.Building BlocksBuilding Blocks straightforward sugarsSubstance Synthesized utilizing the structure Blocks proteinRow3.Building BlocksBuilding blocks amino acidsSubstance Synthesized making use of the structure Blocks enzymeRow4.Building BlocksBuilding block molecular basesSubstance Synthesized making use of the structure Blocks starch

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Meat tenderizer includes an enzyme the interacts through meat. If meat is coated through tenderizer and then put in a refrigerator because that a brief time, just how would the enzyme be affected?
Plants such together the Venus flytrap develop chemical link that failure insects into substances that space usable by the plant. The chemical compounds that breakdown the insects are many likely
Base her answer come the concern on the information in the diagram below and on your understanding of biology.In a heterotrophic organism, substance A can be used directly for
The diagram listed below represents the synthesis of a part of a complicated molecule in one organism.imageWhich row in the chart might be supplied to identify the structure blocks and also product in the diagram?Row1.Building BlocksBuilding Blocksstarch moleculesProductglucoseRow2.Building BlocksBuilding block amino mountain molecules Product component of protein Row3.Building BlocksBuilding Blockssugar moleculesProductATPRow4.Building BlocksBuilding BlocksDNA moleculesProductpart the starch




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