There room rules to monitor to do a proper sentence in English. You learn what words must be used to make a sentence. Girlfriend learn exactly how to add words to do sentences express an ext detail. You discover when each type of indigenous can and cannot be used. It is not basic to recognize all the rules, or to remember castle all. Therefore mistakes are sometimes made when creating sentences. One common form of error is to usage too numerous words. The extra word may be one article, a verb, a pronoun, a preposition, an adjective, a conjunction, or an entire phrase. Making use of words through the same meaning in one sentence is an additional kind the unnecessary native error. Sometimes a sentence deserve to be composed with much less words if words order is changed. In this section, girlfriend will should use all of your knowledge of grammar. Review through the question. Decide if every answer an option MUST be in that sentence to do it work.

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Learning Hint:

Read the sentence the end loud and also pay attention to how the sentence sounds. If a phrase sounds awkward or incorrect, check to see if there room extra indigenous that space not needed.

Common species of Examples

Too plenty of words with the same meaning used:

Incorrect: that is nearly almost finished v the jae won statement.

Correct: the is nearly finished with the financial statement.

Correct: he is almost finished through the financial statement.

Incorrect: Despite leave 10 minutes early, the worker arrived late nonetheless.

Correct: Despite leave 10 minutes early, the worker arrived late.

Correct: leave 10 minute early, the worker nonetheless arrived late.

Extra words:

Incorrect: The secretary to be annoyed as soon as the copier broke on down.

Correct: The secretary was annoyed once the copier broke down.

The preposition top top is not used in the verb form broke down.

Incorrect: ns will have actually buy a new car. (Mixed increase verb it is too dirty formation.)

Correct: i will buy a new car. (Future tense of rarely often, rarely verb to buy is will certainly buy.)

Correct: i will have bought a brand-new car. (Future perfect form: will have actually + verbs past participle.)

Incorrect: The mail carrier delivers a mail in the morning.

Correct: The postman delivers mail in the morning.

The indefinite write-up a is not offered in former of a non-count noun.

Incorrect: My manager she has actually some contracts for me to sign.

Correct: My manager has some contracts for me come sign.

Right after ~ a noun, execute not likewise use a pronoun that replaces the noun.

Unnecessary phrase:

Simple, direct sentences are better than complicated, indirect ones.

Incorrect: It to be a task which was very complex in structure and really ambitious in nature.

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Correct: The project was complex and also ambitious.

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