Consider 2 acids: CH3CO2H (acetic acid, pKa = 4.8) and also C6H5CO2H (benzoic acid, pKa = 4.2). Which acid is the more powerful acid? Se

Benzoic acid


The stamin of an mountain is principally a measure of that dissociative capability in aqueous solutions. While strong acids dissociate completely in solution, weak mountain dissociates just partially.

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The relative strength of one acid deserve to be acquired from that is pKa value. The pKa worth is the an adverse logarithm of the concentration that the Ka value.

Stronger acids have a pKa value typically negative. This is a guideline to the reality that the lower the pKa value, the stronger the strength of the acid in question.

Relatively therefore, Benzoic mountain is more powerful than acetic acid since it has actually a lesser value for pKa

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I need aid on this its early Monday
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The properties of the elements can be established from your electron configuration

Further explanation

Mg ⇒electron configuration : 3s²

outer electron : 2 (3s²)

lose(2 electron)

charge : +2

cation (positive)

symbol : Mg²⁺

Br⇒electron construction : 4s²3d¹⁰4p⁵

outer electron : 7 (4s²4p⁵)

gain ( 1 electron)

charge : -1

anion (negative)

symbol : Br⁻

Helium⇒electron configuration : 1s²

outer electron : 2 (1s²)

stabil(no gain/no lose)

charge : 0


symbol : He

Nitrogen ⇒electron construction : 2s²2p³

outer electron : 5 ( 2s²2p³)

gain(3 electron)

charge : -3


symbol : N³⁻

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Determine the variety of ions created in the dissociation that the link listed.MgBr₂
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A dissociation reaction is identified as a reaction in i m sorry a link dissociates into its ingredient particles.

For example,


For a neutral compound, it is compelled that the charges have to be well balanced between the combine atoms.


is the neutral compound as fee +2 on one atom the magnesium is well balanced by 2 atoms of

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Therefore, we can conclude that in total the variety of ions developed in the dissociation that

compound is 3.

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Outline the synthetic of c6h5ch2ch2cooh starting from benzaldehyde and also bromoacetate​
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i gotchu


its the 3rd raikages will eassyyy

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What has actually 20 electron in 44 Mass
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It would certainly be Calcium: Ca

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