Musical style marked by emotionalrestraint, balance, and clarity, influenced by the forms and also stylistic featuresof eighteenth-century music, discovered in many works indigenous 1920 come 1950.

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The neoclassical movement in music around encompassed the years

A. 1890-1915.

B. 1900-1920.

C. 1920-1950.

D. 1945-1970.

Whichof the complying with statements worrying neoclassicism is no true?

A. Neoclassical composers reacted againsttwentieth-century harmonies and also rhythms, and preferred come revive old develops andstyles precisely as they were.

B. Neoclassical compositions use the musicalforms and stylistic features of earlier periods, particularly of the eighteenthcentury.

C. Due to the fact that many neoclassical compositions weremodeled after Bach"s music, the ax neobaroque can have to be moreappropriate.

D. Neoclassicism was an essential trend inother art forms such as painting and also poetry.

A. Neoclassical composers reacted versus twentieth-century harmonies and also rhythms, and preferred to revive old forms and styles precisely as lock were.

Whichof the adhering to is not characteristic that neoclassicism?

A. Emotional restraint

B. Clarity

C. Misty atmosphere

D. Balance

C. Misty atmosphere

Neoclassicalcomposers favored

A. Unusual and also exotic scales.

B. Clean polyphonic textures.

C. Programmatic music.

D. Homophonic textures.

B. Clear polyphonic textures.

Neoclassicalcompositions are characterized by

A. Forms and also stylistic functions of earlierperiods.

B. Whole-tone scales.

C. Harsh dissonances.

D. The use of the twelve-tone system.

A. Forms and stylistic functions of earlier periods.

Neoclassicalcomposers modeled countless of their functions after the compositions that

A. Richard Wagner.

B. Guillaume de Machaut.

C. Johann Sebastian Bach.

D. Franz Liszt.

C. Johann Sebastian Bach.

Neoclassicismwas a reaction against

A. Romanticism and impressionism.

B. Humanism.

C. Classicism.

D. Timeless forms.

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A. Romanticism and also impressionism.