Microsoft PowerPoint XP, component of the Office XP suite, is a presentation graphics application. A presentation is a mix of slides, handouts, notes, and outlines all in one file. Girlfriend can add text, graphics, photos, clip art, sound, and video clip to your slides. PowerPoint 2002 can assist you present a topic in ~ work, home, or school.

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By the finish of this lesson, you need to be maybe to:Identify the components of the PowerPoint windowRecognize the on slide viewsOperate the job paneOperate the drop-down menus

The components of the PowerPoint window

The PowerPoint window has actually toolbars and also panes to aid you quickly develop presentations. Many of the toolbars are usual in Office applications but may feature alternatives unique to PowerPoint.

Title bar: screens the record name adhered to by a program nameMenu bar: consists of a perform of alternatives to manage and also customize documentsStandard toolbar: includes shortcut buttons because that the most renowned commandsFormatting toolbar: has buttons offered for formattingStatus bar: displays slide position and also the type of architecture in PowerPointDrawing toolbar: includes tools for illustration lines, shapes, and also objectsHelp: offers quick accessibility to aid topics

PowerPoint XP has a brand-new default regular view referred to as the Tri-pane view. This view, i beg your pardon opens as soon as you beginning PowerPoint, allows you to view multiple parts of a presentation in ~ once.

One that the other noticeable changes in between PowerPoint 2000 and also PowerPoint 2002 is the task pane. Located on the best side of the computer system screen, this pane allows you to select tasks in various categories and also lets you easily enhance her slides in a few steps. You'll learn an ext about the job pane later on in this lesson.


Also new in PowerPoint 2002 are the Outline and also Slides tabbed panes. Click the tabs on the left side of the screen to watch an outline or on slide of your presentation. The tabs render differently based upon the size of the pane.



You can present or hide PowerPoint's toolbars. Click the check out menu and choose Toolbar. Decision which ones you desire to show or hide.

View buttons and slide views

The view buttons at the bottom-left corner of the screen allow for three slide views: Normal view, Slide Sorter view, and Slide Show view.


The see buttons deserve to be valuable as girlfriend prepare her presentation. They control the method slides are displayed on the screen. Click a view button to view a different view.

Normal view

includes the Outline and Slides tabbed panes ~ above the left, the Slide pane in the center, and the task pane ~ above the right.

Outline view mirrors the message of her presentation for straightforward editing, when Slides view reflects text and graphics the the on slide you're working on. Click the tabs to switch in between the two views. Under the center slide area is a place for notes.


You can hide or show the different panes in Normal view. Come hide the job pane, click the view menu and choose task Pane. (The View food selection also permits you to choose other views). To hide the Outline and Slides tabbed panes, click the X to the left of the Slides tab.

More views

Here space some other views that might be advantageous as you produce your presentations:

Slide Sorter view

lets you see small versions of every the slides you have created. You have the right to delete, copy, and move slides in this view.

Slide present view

lets you view your presentation electronically together it will appear to an audience.

The task pane

The PowerPoint XP job pane replace instead replace the dialog boxes supplied in PowerPoint 2000. The down-pointing arrowhead in the top-right corner of the pane allows you to select different menus and tools. Through default, the task pane appears when PowerPoint XP is launched.


The Slide Layout and Slide Design panes in ~ the task pane help organize layouts, architecture templates, and also color schemes. When you select a architecture option, her slides are conveniently updated v the brand-new look.

You have the right to view the slide Layout and Slide design panes by clicking the down-pointing arrow alongside New Presentation in the task pane.

Select on slide Layout or Slide architecture (Design Templates, shade Schemes, and Animation Schemes). You'll learn much more about making use of these panes later on in this course.


Using the task pane

If you execute not view the task pane ~ above the right side that the PowerPoint window, you can easily accessibility it.

To open the task pane:Click View
Task Pane.


To view various panes:Click the down-pointing arrow alongside New Presentation and select different panes.Once you open different panes, you have the right to move through them by clicking the backward and forward arrowhead buttons top top the left.

Using drop-down menus

PowerPoint XP's menu bar operates in different ways than the one in PowerPoint 2000. The menu initially displays regulates you use most frequently. To check out infrequently provided commands, you use drop-down menus.

To view regulates in a drop-down menu:Click a menu in the menu bar, such together File, Edit, View, or Insert.Move your mouse pointer over the twin arrows in ~ the bottom the the drop-down menu.

Notice that some menus have actually black arrows come the right. On slide you computer mouse pointer end the arrow to view more options.

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Open PowerPoint from the Start menu.Review the parts of the PowerPoint window.Familiarize yourself with the task pane. Click to check out the other panes.Click the menu bar and also view drop-down menus.Click the view buttons.Click the Outline tab and the Slides tab.