Which that the complying with pairs of compounds stand for pairs ofconstitutional isomers? all the choices2-Methylbutane and also pentane2-Chlorohexane and 3-chlorohexanesec-Butyl bromide and also tert-butyl bromide

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explanation because that the given difficulty here. The problem is i beg your pardon of the following pairs that compounds stand for pairs of constitution customers. So an initial we will comment on that. What is constitutional is end guns. She institutional eyes on mars. Yes so right here in constitutional is homer's. There room same variety of same number of Adams, same number of atoms the each facet as present yet differ in connectivity. We deserve to see distinct and connectivity are shed differ in connectivity. We space we have the right to say this distinct and won't wants. So they this is called constitutional is amongst the same number of items the each element is present however differ in connectivity are unique in bonds. So here we have different options. For this reason we have actually option A. Is we have a pair of compounds are given here option A. Ceo we have all the choices. Therefore is this an option B. Us have different uh we need to pair of compounds given here the first one is an choice B. There is too steel metal butane mutant and Other one is Mundane. Ben 10. So very first will draw the structure of these two compounds here. And also so the formula the the compound is here formula is formula is Ben 10 and two steel beauty. And also both are saying having same Formula C5, vegetables. And also the framework of this two components are right here will attract the frameworks C5 right here total number of carbon C5 and also hydrogen 12. So below we have actually CS three ch ch, two CS three. And to be able at each branch al Qaeda group. For this reason total number of carbon atom are here 1, 345. And also hydrogen czar 336789, 10, 11, 12. Therefore total number of items Are right here uh 70 the chemistry formula. So now we will attract other eyes. Um space here. The is we have for this is to metal butane to steel butane. And also next one is spending. Over there is um CS 3 CS 2 CS two. Check out S2 NCS three 12345. A variety of carbon atom are 5 in hydrogen atoms are below to wealth. Therefore yeah and also these both have actually the same variety of items however they're born connectivity is different. So this water constitutional customers. So following one is we have an option C we have actually the given pair of composer uh behavior is come colorado come colorado hexen and three collateral to colorado Hickson and three cholera Hickson exempt. So right here the formula for 2 chloral Hickson and also three chloral Hickson is right here formula is an initial will write the formula over there is C6, a surgeon and also cl. So currently we will draw the constitution customers for the given compounds pair of various two compounds. So here very first one is come cholera vaccine. Therefore it will certainly be here deserve to be right here to colorado examinees. This represents is to this to represent is too. And also here we will certainly what chlorine in position to and This is 123456. So this is to social magazine and other structure is right here we will draw for 3 cholera vaccine will be the same here. 1234 56. So three glory egg in 123123. So below we will put a ditch chlorine in ~ them. And also and this is additionally see 68 13 and also seal. And this is also on C. 6 13. Seal for the connectivity that items below are different. So over there is why these two are additionally constitutional eyes. Omers. So this is also correct and next one is we have option C. S. And behave secondary. Beautiful bro might. And last one is Treasury beautiful. Beautiful bro might. So below we will draw the framework of this two right here we have actually the framework of 2nd rebuttal bromate is us will attract its structure. These two have the same formula yet different connectivity the items are bones here. So the is below we will put 2nd tribute telegram that so in place to we will put uh us are and also this is this also represent favor see history. Ch and we space CH two N. CS three. So right here a number of carbon atoms space 12 1234 Beautiful and also Secondary 2nd position and next one is act treasury beautiful bro might there is CS three and this very attack here and this is surgery so for carbon must be current in a molecule and also tertiary. And also so here complete three al Qaeda groups 123. There's really surgery and four carbon atoms, 1234. And also when roaming so that is tertiary comm util bromate. Therefore these two are additionally constitutionalism space so we have option A is the exactly option.

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Over there is all choices are correct. Every our constitutional eye on MArs.