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Date:April 13, 1598 ...(Show more)Location:FranceNantes...(Show more)Context:Wars of Religion...(Show more)Key People:Henry IV...(Show more)

Edict the Nantes, French Édit de Nantes, regulation promulgated in ~ Nantes in Brittany ~ above April 13, 1598, by Henry IV the France, which granted a large measure of religious liberty come his protestant subjects, the Huguenots. The edict to be accompanied by Henry IV’s own conversion from Huguenot Calvinism to roman Catholicism and brought an finish to the violent battles of faith that started in 1562. The controversial edict was one of the an initial decrees of religious tolerance in Europe and granted unheard-of religious rights come the French protestant minority.

The edict upheld Protestants in liberty of conscience and also permitted them to host public worship in countless parts the the kingdom, though no in Paris. It granted them complete civil rights, including access to education, and established a unique court, the Chambre de l’Édit, composed of both Protestants and Catholics, to attend to disputes occurring from the edict. Protestant pastors to be to be payment by the state and also released from certain obligations. Militarily, the Protestants can keep the areas they to be still stop in august 1597 as strongholds, or places de sûreté, for eight years, the expenses of garrisoning them gift met through the king.

The edict also restored Catholicism in all locations where Catholic practice had been interrupted and also made any type of extension that Protestant praise in France legitimate impossible. Nevertheless, that was much resented through Pope Clement VIII, by the roman Catholic clergy in France, and by the parlements. Catholics often tended to translate the edict in its many restrictive sense. The Cardinal de Richelieu, who concerned its political and also military clauses as a danger to the state, annulled castle by the peace of Alès in 1629. Top top October 18, 1685, luigi XIV official revoked the Edict of Nantes and deprived the French Protestants that all religious and polite liberties. Within a couple of years, more than 400,000 persecuted Huguenots emigrated—to England, Prussia, Holland, and also America—depriving France the its most laborious commercial class.

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