Flexion and extension are types of __________.angular movementsrotational movementsspecial movementsgliding movements
angular movementsAngular movements increase or to decrease the angle between the articulating bones. Flexion reduce the angle in between articulating bones by happen the 2 bones closer together. Extension, the contrary of flexion, rises the angle between articulating bones.

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What feature is not part of the synovial joint?Tendon sheathSynovial fluidArticular cartilageArticular capsule
Tendon sheathTendon sheaths are lengthy bursae the surround some tendons in high-stress regions of the person body. Tendon sheaths defend long tendons as they food over and around synovial joints.
uniaxialWe can team synovial joints into four functional classes based upon the variety of axes around which a bone have the right to move. Nonaxial joints allow motion to happen in one or more planes but do not move roughly an axis. Uniaxial joints permit motion around only one axis. Biaxial joints allow motion around two axes. Multiaxial or triaxial joints permit motion roughly three axes.
Which the the following finest represents the practical classifications of joints ranked from the very least movable to most movable?Synarthrosis, amphiarthrosis, diarthrosisSynarthrosis, diarthrosis, amphiarthrosisAmphiarthrosis, synarthrosis, diarthrosisDiarthrosis, synarthrosis, amphiarthrosis
Synarthrosis, amphiarthrosis, diarthrosisA synarthrosis does not permit any movement between articulating bones. An amphiarthrosis allows only a little amount that movement in between articulating bones. A diarthrosis is freely moveable, allowing a wide range of particular movements. Note that synarthroses and also amphiarthroses administer little, if any, motion, however a great deal that stability. Diarthroses, in contrast, administer a an excellent deal the motion, yet not much stability.
Synchondrosissynchondrosis is composed of bones united by hyaline cartilage. Recall from the tissues chapter that hyaline cartilage is a tough but flexible connective organization often connected with joints. Synchondroses permit basically no motion and are therefore functionally synarthroses.
collagenFibrous joints consist of two bones join by dense consistent collagenous connective tissue. Recall indigenous the tissues chapter (Chapter 4) the dense continual collagenous connective tissue includes fibers of the difficult protein collagen. Collagen fibers lend stability to these joints but permit little, if any, motion.
SynchondrosisFibrous joints autumn into three categories: sutures, gomphoses, and syndesmoses. There space two varieties of cartilaginous joints: synchondroses and symphyses.
BonesA ligament is a strand of dense constant collagenous connective tissue that connect one bone to an additional to strengthen and reinforce the articulating bones. Two types of ligaments room present around synovial joints.
Where would certainly a gliding activity most most likely occur?Atlantoaxial share in the neckBetween the intercarpal joints of the wristElbow jointHip joint
Between the intercarpal joints of the wristGliding is a slide motion in between the articulating surfaces of the skeleton in a joint. These activities are taken into consideration nonaxial because the skeleton slide previous each other and move in several feasible directions without the constraint of one axis or axes. The direction of activity depends top top the shape of the articulating surface at the joint and also the restrictions of the bordering supportive connective tissues.
What best describes cartilaginous joints?Free range of motionLittle, if any, motionJoint cavityPresence of synovial fluid in the joint cavity
little, if any, motionCartilaginous joints have cartilage between the articulating bones. Like fibrous joints, no joint an are is present. Functionally, cartilaginous joints are synarthroses or amphiarthroses.Joints deserve to be classified on the communication of just how much motion they allow, offering us the adhering to functional categories. A synarthrosis go not permit any movement in between articulating bones. An amphiarthrosis permits only a tiny amount the movement between articulating bones. A diarthrosis is freely moveable, allowing a wide range of particular movements.
Which statement finest describes tendon sheaths?Tendon sheaths defend long tendons together they food over and also around synovial joints.Tendon sheaths assist anchor the tendon come the muscle.Tendon sheaths affix one bone to an additional to strengthen and reinforce articulating bones.Tendon sheaths space lined with thick irregular connective tissue.
Tendon sheaths defend long tendons as they course over and around synovial joints.Tendon sheaths are lengthy bursae that surround some tendons in high-stress regions of the human being body.
In the knee joint, the medial meniscus is __________.hyaline cartilagefibro cartilageelastic cartilagedense regular collagenous connective tissue
Fibro cartilageThe menisci carry out shock absorption and also cushioning in between the articular cartilages of the femoral and also tibial condyles. They additionally improve the fit between the 2 bones, which more stabilizes the joint.A ligament is a strand the dense regular collagenous connective organization that associate one bone to another to strengthen and also reinforce the articulating bones. The articular cartilage is a slim layer the hyaline cartilage that covers the end of the skeleton in the share that space not extended by the articular capsule.
The elbow and knee joints are similar in that their main motions room __________.abduction and adductionrotation and circumductioninversion and also eversionflexion and also extension
flexion and also extensionFlexion to reduce the angle in between articulating skeletal by pass the two bones closer together. An instance is the action of the elbow share in i beg your pardon the forearm is pulled towards the upper arm. As the elbow flexes, the angle between the arm and also forearm decreases. Flexion also occurs in ~ the shoulder and also the hip. Flexion of this joints moves the arm and also thigh anteriorly, in prior of the body. Extension, opposing of flexion, boosts the angle in between articulating bones. If we extend the elbow, the arm and also forearm move away indigenous one another, enhancing the angle. Expansion of the shoulder and hip is movement in a posterior direction, relocating the hand or foot behind the rest of the body.
Which statement finest describes a bursa?A bursa is a synovial fluid-filled structure lined with synovial membrane ~ above its inner surface.A bursa is created of hyaline cartilage that gives a smooth surface on i m sorry bones articulate.A bursa connect one bone to one more bone come strengthen and reinforce articulating bones.A bursa is a structural component of bones muscle written of dense regular collagenous connective tissue.
bursa is a synovial fluid-filled structure lined v synovial membrane ~ above its inside surface.A bursa is a synovial fluid-filled framework resembling a limp water balloon. This fibrous structure is lined through synovial membrane on its inside surface, lot like the articular capsule. Bursae might be attached come the articular capsule or completely separate. Generally, bursae are discovered in regions of high stress and anxiety where bones, tendons, muscles, and skin interact in a small space. Bursae, such together the subacromial bursa the the shoulder joint, minimization friction in between all the relocating parts that a synovial joint.
What type of joint is a ball-and-socket joint?Uniaxial jointBiaxial jointMultiaxial (triaxial) jointNonaxial joint
Multiaxial (triaxial) joint A ball-and-socket share is a multiaxial joint in i m sorry the articulating surface of one bone is ball-shaped or spherical and fits into a cup or socket developed by the articulating surface of the various other bone.
Which of the following cartilaginous joints functions primarily in protection and also shock absorb of the spinal column?Pubic symphysisIntervertebral discCostochondral jointEpiphyseal plate
Intervertebral discThese joints have fibrocartilage pads. Although every individual intervertebral joint allows only a small degree the motion, the spinal pillar as a entirety is rather flexible.
Which the the following cartilaginous joints is discovered only in young, growing people?Costochondral jointPubic symphysisEpiphyseal plateIntervertebral disc
Epiphyseal plateRecall the the epiphyseal bowl is the place from which lengthy bones thrive in length during skeletal development. These epiphyseal plates room actually short-term joints. The epiphyseal key is found between the column (diaphysis) and the head (epiphysis) that the long bones in a occurring skeleton. The hyaline cartilage of one epiphyseal key is replaced with bone when bone development is
What activity decreases the angle between the foot and also tibia together the toes space pulled up towards the head?PlantarflexionPronationDorsiflexionInversion
DorsiflexionDorsiflexion and also plantarflexion space a mix of movements that indicate the foot and ankle. In dorsiflexion, the angle between the foot and also the tibia decreases. In other words, the toes room pulled up towards the head.
The anterior cruciate ligament anchors the tibia bone to __________.a ligamentanother bonea musclea bursa
another bone The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) runs from one anterior insertion website on the tibia come the posterior element of the femur. Once the knee share is extended, the ACL tightens to stop hyperextension and to prevent the tibia from moving too much anteriorly on the femur. A ligament is a strand of dense constant collagenous connective tissue that associate one bone to another to strengthen and also reinforce the articulating bones.A tendon—a structural ingredient of skeleton muscle written of dense continuous collagenous connective tissue—connects the muscle come a bone or an additional structure.
What part of the joint cavity lubricates the joint, supplies nutrients, removes metabolic wastes, and also absorbs shock? Synovial fluid Ligament Articular cartilage Adipose tissue
Synovial fluidOther components of a synovial joint encompass adipose tissue, nerves, and also blood vessels. Adipose tissue (fat) is packed right into the north spaces bordering the joint, which gives protective padding. This fat pads room pliable and can adjust shape together a synovial joint moves.
A ballerina who stands on the tips of her toes is performing __________. Dorsiflexion inversionplantarflexion eversion
plantarflexionDorsiflexion and also plantarflexion space a combination of motions that involve the foot and also ankle. In plantarflexion, the contrary motion, the angle in between the foot and also the tibia increases—the toes allude toward the ground. In dorsiflexion, the angle between the foot and also the tibia decreases. In other words, the toes room pulled up towards the head.
Which the the following is a sensible joint classification? Fibrous Cartilaginous Synovial Diarthrosis
DiarthrosisJoints deserve to be classified in 2 ways: (1) follow to the quantity of activity they allow, which is their useful classification; or (2) according to their anatomical features, i beg your pardon is your structural classification.
Which kind of fibrous share is found between bones that the cranium?SynovialSutureSyndesmosisSynchondrosis
SutureA suture is the kind of fibrous joint is found between bones the the cranium. Recall that a suture is a joint in between the edge of skeleton that make up the cranium. These bone edges have actually finger-like projections the articulate somewhat favor a closed zipper. They room reinforced by dense consistent collagenous connective tissue. Throughout skeletal development, sutures allow a small amount of movement but fuse through maturity to become synarthroses as the connective organization is changed by bone.

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Which share is connected with the rotator cuff, a team of muscles and also their tendons?ElbowShoulderKneeHip
ShoulderThe shoulder joint is linked with the rotator cuff, a group of muscles and also their tendons. Four muscles—the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and also subscapularis—and their matching tendons are collectively called the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff surrounding the shoulder joint and also provides many of that strength and also stability.



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