Although there space exceptions, most commercial jets fly at about 28,000 to 35,000 feet. Being the Earth’s troposphere is in between 23,000 and also 65,000 feet — depending on the season and also latitude, at least — this way that commercial jets are practically always in ~ the troposphere. The only exception is once a advertisement jet is acquisition off or landing, in which situation it will obviously reach reduced altitudes. So, why do commercial jets fly in the troposphere fairly than the stratosphere?

To better understand the thinking for this, friend must an initial look in ~ the Earth’s atmosphere. The troposphere is the shortest level the Earth’s atmosphere. Over it, however, is the stratosphere, followed by the stratopause and then the mesosphere. Commercial jets can definitely fly over or below the troposphere, however this class of the setting offers right flying conditions for several reasons.

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First, the troposphere to produce minimal drag or resistance for commercial jets. If commercial jet flew below the troposphere, they would certainly burn an ext fuel as result of the boosted drag at lower altitudes. This is because air is more thickness at lower altitudes, requiring commercial jets to expend more energy to “push” themselves v the skies. In the troposphere, however, the wait is thinner, thereby making advertisement flights much more fuel efficient.

Upon reading that, you could be wonder why commercial jet don’t paris in higher levels the Earth’s setting like the stratosphere or mesosphere. After all, if wait gets thinner at higher altitudes, conventional wisdom may lead you to believe that paris in the stratosphere would carry out even better fuel efficiency benefits than flying in the troposphere. Well, the trouble with flying over the troposphere is that the air is too slim to create any comprehensive amount of lift because that commercial jets. And also if a commercial jet doesn’t create enough lift, the won’t have the ability to sustain its cruising speed.

Of course, there space exceptions, such as armed forces aircraft. Numerous military aircraft room designed with larger wings than commercial jets, enabling them come produce much more lift from less air. These armed forces aircraft space able to fly over the troposphere while developing an adequate amount the lift indigenous the otherwise thin air.

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The next time you take it a advertising flight, pay fist to the jet’s cruising altitude. You’ll probably uncover that it paris somewhere in the troposphere, i beg your pardon is vital for 2 reasons: the air is thin enough to minimization drag, however it’s likewise thick sufficient to develop an sufficient amount of lift. For these reasons, commercial jets almost always paris in the troposphere.