because Fluorine belongs come 7A group it should have actually 7 valency electron in outer shell i m sorry is it was observed in choice A.

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But all alternatives have 7 electron in total. However we recognize that F has 3 unpaired and also one strange electron individually which is coincide with option A for this reason it is the correct answer.

Explanation :

Lewis-dot structure : the is identified as the representation which shows the valence electrons present in an element. The electrons are represented as dots in the structures.

The given element is, fluorine i m sorry is a group 7A element.

The atomic number of fluorine is 17 and fluorine has "7" valence electrons.

The dots stand for the variety of valence electrons.

The Lewis-dot structure of fluorine is shown below.


The question says,"which is the correct Lewis structure for fluorine, i beg your pardon is a group 7A element. Lewis framework is used to stand for the covalent bonding of molecules. Flourine has seven electron in that is outermost shell, so the Lewis structure of flourine will have 3 lone pair that dots and also a solitary dot. Each dot stand for an electron.
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