Which fossil occurs on the many land masses What go this say around when these specific continents broke up?

The Glossopteridales (Glossopteris fossils) take place on the most landmasses. Your distribution throughout several detached landmasses led researchers to think that these were once combined into a solitary supercontinent, Pangea.

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Which fossil occurs on the most landmasses What walk this suggest about when these details continents damaged up quizlet?

The Glossopteris fossils occurs on the many landmasses. This says that these specific continents broke up ~ the Glossopteris went extinct.

What does that indicate when these specific continents damaged up?

What go this suggest around when these details continents broke up? This suggests that the continents to be once an unified into supercontinents. The Glossopteridales occurs on many landmasses.

What carry out Glossopteris fossils tell us around the beforehand position the the continents?

Answer: The Glossopteris fossils room the most abundant resources which tells much more about the at sight continent. Explanation: that is believed that this woody plants fossils could be discovered in every continent together the study records cases that when they used to live on the entire Pangea before continental drift.

How were the fossil belts advantageous in deciding wherein to move the continents?

How to be the fossil symbols and mountain belts beneficial in deciding whereby to relocate the continents? lock made it a lot easier to watch where to placed the pieces. Otherwise, it was really tough to right them every together. It suggests that when the continents damaged up the reptiles continued to exist on their new landmasses.

Which is fossils occurs on the most landmasses?

Glossopteris fossils room the most reoccurring fossils in many land masses. In Alfred Wegener’s continent drift concept which he claims that the continent of the planet may have relocated themselves from their former positions. Which once you synthesize the totality continents you’ll have actually the “all-earth” or so-called Pangaea.

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Where space glossopteridal fossils discovered in the world?

The Glossopteridales (Glossopteris fossils) happen on the many landmasses. Your distribution across several detached landmasses led researchers to believe that these to be once combined into a solitary supercontinent.

How walk Glossopteridales help scientists examine the Permian period?

The illustration of Glossopteridales fossils likewise helped scientists to examine so much about their species, that includes their seeds, leaves, branches and also their oddly shame roots. They grew at the beginning of the Permian and also started to extinct at the finish of the Permian period. Rate! Rate!