Q 4.95

Question: Arrange the following facets from highest possible to shortest metallic character: S, Al, Cs, F, Sr, Cl


A. In order to solve this problem, one must an initial know that metallic character boosts as you go under a group in the regular table, and also as you go left within a duration on the routine table.

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B. Then, in order to identify the metallic personality on each of the elements, you need to look in ~ their ar on the regular table.

C. Because the question asks for the facets to be provided in bespeak of diminish metallic character, it would make an ext sense to find the aspect with the highest metallic personality first, climate the 2nd highest, etc.

D. Twin check to make certain they space in the exactly order and also that you have actually not skipped any kind of elements.

A. When relocating from left to right, metallic character decreases because the elements tend to acquire electrons to to fill valence shells rather than lose them. Facets on the right side, favor chlorine, will acquire electrons to to fill their valence shells, while facets on the left side, favor cesium, will shed electrons in order to have actually a full valence shell. When moving down the periodic table, metallic character rises because elements can lose electrons an ext easily together the atomic radius increases. This is due to the fact that the attraction between the nucleus and valence electrons decreases together there is much more distance in between them.

B. traction up a periodic table ~ above a computer, or one that is in her mmsanotherstage2019.comistry book. This is so that you have the right to visually compare wherein each facet is in ~ on the periodic table.

C. Look on the bottom left next of the table and try to locate some of the facets listed. You will check out that cesium (Cs) and strontium (Sr) are inserted on the bottom left side, therefore they will have the greatest metallic characters. Cesium is farther under and much more left 보다 strontium, for this reason cesium will have actually the greatest metallic character and also strontium will have the 2nd highest metallic character. Next, you will watch that aluminum (Al) is situated farther left 보다 sulfur, chlorine, and fluorine. This method that aluminum will be the aspect with the third highest metallic character. The only aspects left are sulfur (S), chlorine (Cl), and fluorine (F). They space all located within a an extremely close street of one another. Sulfur is the farthest left and also farthest under of the three, so the will have actually the 4th highest metallic character. Chlorine is right listed below fluorine, making it the element with the 5th highest metallic character. This pipeline fluorine as the last element, definition it has the shortest metallic character.


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We found cesium, strontium, aluminum, sulfur, chlorine, and also fluorine ~ above the regular table. Cesium is the farthest left and the lowest, if fluorine is the farthest right and the highest, for this reason we know they have actually the highest metallic character and also the shortest metallic character, respectively.

Answer: Cs, Sr, Al, S, Cl, F

Q 6.55

Question: For every figure, state the:

a) total number of electron groups

b) number of bonding pairs

c) number of lone pairs

d) electron geometry

e) molecular geometry

Figure 1:


Figure 2: